Missing Kanji

Out of curiosity, why isn’t 諦 taught? It seems to pop up quite often in books, games, and anime (vocabulary using the character).

諦める is a common word, in the top 5000 words, which makes it quite common, but that kanji isn’t itself all that common in the grand scheme of things, because according to this it’s outside the top 2000 kanji.

One reason for the discrepancy is that there basically is only one word that gets any decent usage of it, and that said word is also written in hiragana sometimes.

So, it’s one that could be justifiably added, but it doesn’t strike me as an egregious thing to leave out if you’re choosing around 2000 kanji.


:notes: 諦めない強さなら~ :notes:

I have no problem with this not being on WK. I believe Kanji that are in one specific word more than 95% of the time are best learned by encountering that word a lot.

The Kanji I learned first (before WK) weren’t 人 or 日 but 夢 and 光.

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