Pronunciation 一千まん人

This is an example sentence from Lesson 2 for the vocab item 千.

Ten million people gathered at the live show.

But I’d like to know how to pronounce the 人 part in the sentence. Is it ー

いっせんまんひと or

いっせんまんにん or

いっせんまん -as stated on Google Translate? [And I know that’s not a reliable source, that’s why I’m asking…]

I also get that the point of the example sentences is to provide a context just for the particular vocab item being taught - in this case, せん - but this seems like a reasonably simple sentence and I’d like to be able to pronounce the whole thing.


it’s supposed to be 一千万人, so いっせんまんにん

After the exceptions of ひとり and ふたり, it’s にん when you’re counting people.

Oh, so there is a “rule” I can use to make an educated guess. Thank you both so much. Cheers.

Sorry, Leebo, I meant to include you in the reply…

You already mentioned this yourself, but yeah. Google Translate is unfortunately not good at all at guessing the correct reading, so that’s useful to keep in mind for the future.

Google translate is especially bad when the sentence has hiragana that would usually clarify things if written in kanji form.

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