I almost quit Wanikani

So I’m writing this post as I hop onto level 18. I almost quit. This year is bound to be hard, that made me overthink and the stress got the better of me. So I just stopped all the studying (including JP) But I just couldn’t give up Japanese, I would trip-guilt myself whenever I would see the smallest of glimpses of it. I guess it made me remember how bad I wanted to learn it in the first place. Getting back into the swing of things feels good but daunting! I’m glad I’m back!
Has something like this ever happened to you?



I had a slump about a month ago, and am still recovering. Right now I can’t afford to be subscribed ATM, and am worried it will affect my studies. But I’m still hanging in there, slowly but surely. As long as we keep doing something, we can get back up again.


o h y e s multiple times

about every ten levels tbh :joy: I would just start freaking out and thinking I’m not learning anything anyways and I should just quit and then cough cough @Whologist was like nO dOn’T dO iT i’Ll Be SaD and the threat of making Who chan sad is incredibly motivating actually. After level ~40 I decided I’d put too much money and time into it to stop :v


laughs evilly in the corner


Currently happening…

There are days that even when I see my phone saying I have xxx reviews, I’ll just start up and answer them swiftly. Right now, I have 200+ reviews waiting (mostly to be burned), but I feel so sluggish to even start them.

I really need to stop replying in the forums and start on my reviews…

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I had it happen over Christmas. I didn’t feel like quiting. But I needed a break from it all.
January hit and I went right back into it. All back on track now.

don’t worry mate, I quit then I came back. Life isn’t one way out. But mind you that when the time comes it could be smth like this…

so maybe just pause all your lessons, slow down everything (maybe only 5-10 reviews a day to begin, make sure Apprentice items are below 100. then you would slowly but surely get back on track)

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