After months and months of battling with my motivation to study Japanese it's come back!

I had been struggling to keep up with my WaniKani reviews for months and my motivation to study Japanese was also at an all-time low to the point I almost quit. TO my surprise last my hunger to learn has finally returned, probably due to having so much free time during the Christmas holidays.

Even though my motivation wasn’t there, I continued to take at least one lesson a week, attend language exchange meetups and listen to podcasts from time to time, so that I was still learning something, even though it was at a much slower pace than before.

This week I’ve finally managed to get my 300 + reviews down to less than 20. I’m hoping to finally reach level 12 in the next week after spending pretty much a year on level 11.

Not sure what this post is supposed to be, but hopefully it can be a source of encouragement for anyone who has/is experiencing something similar.


yay! That’s so good to hear :slight_smile: good luck and long may your motivation continue!

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It’s not really a motivation thing but a habit thing. Motivation is fleeting, habits are stable. You’ll get there eventually. Good luck.


Very true, but it had gotten to a point where I’d get mild anxiety when I tried to do anything related to Japanese. Could’ve probably been a bit of burnout too. Thank you!

Thank you!

This is me right now, so it’s really encouraging to hear your motivation has come back! Fingers crossed it does for me too.

Glad I could offer some encouragement. I’m sure yours will come back too, hang on in there!