Hunter × Hunter | Week 1 🐸

Last week, I tried to read page 5. Even after finding the meaning of every word, I was not able to put the two last sentences together in a meaningful way. Now, after reviewing the grammar sheet points, I could read and understand both sentences! Thanks a lot!


my impression was more like

“it takes 5 adults to land this king of the swamp” and then “on this island, i didnt think a 10 year [old] could catch it/fish like that” then the third bubble is like “大した子供じゃ → impressive kid!”

let me know if this is completely off base but thats the sense i got


I don’t think it would be talking about a 10 year old (especially as gon is 11), that would be 10歳


aah okay makes sense! more like “i didnt think this island would be able to catch it for another 10 years” then


yeah, pretty much


Alright, interesting fact, in the home thread there was some talk about furigana that doesn’t match (here)

As it turns out, we get a case of that right in week 1!

The kanji itself is 仕事しごと, but the furigana says こと, probably as a way of showing the reader, that he’s talking about his job


one more question on pg 10

when gon says “今度ミトさんは約束を守る番だ” is he saying like, “this time mito san has to keep her promise” ? the 番だ part is throwing me off - maybe like “this next time it’s mito san’s TURN to keep her promise” ? in the sense that gon caught the giant fish so she has to fulfill her end of a deal?


That’s it, yeah, “Now it’s your turn to keep your promise this time” can’t really fit in both without it being awkward


yay !! i understand more than i thought i would :smiley: thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience !!


If anyone else was wondering what is 冨樫 義博 on the cover, it’s the name of the author x)


I’m a bit confused by this panel. Is he saying something along the lines of ‘Keeping your word is important. This is what Mito-san taught me.’ ? I feel like I’m missing something…

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First bubble is
言葉に here: for (your) words
責任もたなきゃ if you are not responsible (that would be bad)
you need to be responsible for your words

the second is deeply nested
innermost part is
a person that’s like someone not keeping his promises
thaught not to be ~
nominalizes the sentence, so the person who ~
was Mito-san


Thanks for breaking that down, that helps a lot! Seeing it in someone else’s words makes it a lot less confusing somehow


Hi there, very excited to be starting!

Really simple question about page numbers. I feel like I must be missing something, because my pages 5-6 and 25 line up with the discussion and the image at top of the thread, but then I’m confused why several people are talking about text on page 10 that for me appears on page 13…


The color version seems to lack page numbers (yay, so great), so I assume they use the ebook page number, and that can be way off. It’s best to ignore it when people mention page numbers and only look at the image or text they included :joy:


Good to know - thanks :grinning:

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Well that was tough. I definitely need to focus more on improving my grammar. Even with frequent vocab lookups, some bits were still hard to understand.

Funny that we’ve already had already another part where the furigana doesn’t match the kanji. 信号 is shown as シグナル

I don’t know if a single word really needs a spoiler, but I’ll keep it just in case.


Ok, just finished reading until this week’s last page, but man, was page 16 though. I think I’m pretty sure I got what they meant because of the vocab sheet and using , but just to confirm:

*The aunt is all like: “I didn’t tell Gon his parents were hunters, and Gon never asked about it, so why?”
*Then the grandma’s part is confusing, but what I got was: “Even if someone told him, even if he didn’t know, even if he decided it, I had the feeling sooner or later something similar to this would happen because his eyes have the same shine as his father’s.”

Is that about right, or did I get something wrong?

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An important thing is, かも知れない is not “even if”, rather “maybe”. This makes what the grandma said to be “Maybe he asked someone, maybe he decided without knowing, but I had a feeling this will happen one day”. You know the second part in the first bubble means “maybe he decided without knowing”, because the ず form of a verb is “without X doing Y”.


I gave it a try but I decided that I won’t be reading the manga with the book club after all.
It is simply too much out of my reach for now. :pensive:
I have to look almost every single kanji up, and because I don’t know the words, I have a hard time seeing the grammar patterns and I don’t feel like I’m getting any learning from it. So I will focus on my other learning ressources (WK, Genki, Assimil), and come back to it later! Have fun everyone and thanks for the good work, definitely nice to have the vocab sheet and the discussions available!