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Ok just started reading and would love some help fully understanding pages 5-6.

Is it essentially saying”

There are rare animals, monsters, treasures and hidden treasures, mysterious and unknown places… and that an unknown “word” called forth mysterious powers which bewitched “men or man(as in humanity)?”

Or is is saying that the hunters are the bewitched “men”?

I’m assuming the former and that when you need someone to do something about the above you call the Hunters?


Just so you know, for your spoiler tags to work across multiple paragraphs, you need to put them on their own line :grin:


Text here


Just replace the parentheses with brackets.

(I’ll leave answering the actual question to someone else who is reading along!)


the first three boxes are just listing things (it has a wordplay in it, each wordpair first saying something, then using the “secret” kanji). It’s sort of like “wild beasts, monsters, treasures, hidden treasures…”

”未知”という言葉 is literally the word “unknown” here, as a metaphor for the literal unknown. The rest of the text in turn says, that this word has magical powers, and there are people bewitched by it.

In the vocab sheet I mention, that 奴等 is probably just a derogatory (or playful) word for people here. There are female hunters (iirc)


Thanks and fixed!


Cool. But what I don’t get is is it saying

That the hunters have been bewitched and therefore, implied that is why they are powerful. Or just that this magical force has bewitched mankind in general and the hunters are people you call to stand up to this?


Separate question:

On page 10 are they saying

That they have been trying to catch this thing for 10 years? Or ?



魅される is closer to “being fascinated by” than “being bewitched”. The sentence is “There are people fascinated by this power”.


この島じゃ on this island
釣り上げる者など stuff like people fishing
現れん this is short for 現れない (this makes the old man’s speech hard to understand btw), doesn’t exist
思っとった I thought
が but
about the 10年は part I’m not sure, は might be some emphasis thing
but the whole thing is “I didn’t think anyone would be catching fish for 10 years” (or more literally for then years I didn’t think something like someone fishing won’t exist I thought)


Surely it is about that particular fish no?

IE I didn’t think anyone would catch that fish for 10 years?


And re pages 5-6 so

People are fascinated by this power. Ok cool. But how do the hunters tie into that? Is it implying they are the ones fascinated by it? Or that they exist to combat/be employed because of it?

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Not sure, it’s a guardian spirit, it could guard those fishes, I checked a translation and they did say it was the fish they were talking about, but I don’t think the sentence has that fixed

They are the ones fascinated by it, check the next sentence
people call them hunters


Last week, I tried to read page 5. Even after finding the meaning of every word, I was not able to put the two last sentences together in a meaningful way. Now, after reviewing the grammar sheet points, I could read and understand both sentences! Thanks a lot!


my impression was more like

“it takes 5 adults to land this king of the swamp” and then “on this island, i didnt think a 10 year [old] could catch it/fish like that” then the third bubble is like “大した子供じゃ → impressive kid!”

let me know if this is completely off base but thats the sense i got


I don’t think it would be talking about a 10 year old (especially as gon is 11), that would be 10歳


aah okay makes sense! more like “i didnt think this island would be able to catch it for another 10 years” then


yeah, pretty much


Alright, interesting fact, in the home thread there was some talk about furigana that doesn’t match (here)

As it turns out, we get a case of that right in week 1!

The kanji itself is 仕事しごと, but the furigana says こと, probably as a way of showing the reader, that he’s talking about his job


one more question on pg 10

when gon says “今度ミトさんは約束を守る番だ” is he saying like, “this time mito san has to keep her promise” ? the 番だ part is throwing me off - maybe like “this next time it’s mito san’s TURN to keep her promise” ? in the sense that gon caught the giant fish so she has to fulfill her end of a deal?


That’s it, yeah, “Now it’s your turn to keep your promise this time” can’t really fit in both without it being awkward


yay !! i understand more than i thought i would :smiley: thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience !!