Hunter × Hunter | Week 1 🐸

If anyone else was wondering what is 冨樫 義博 on the cover, it’s the name of the author x)


I’m a bit confused by this panel. Is he saying something along the lines of ‘Keeping your word is important. This is what Mito-san taught me.’ ? I feel like I’m missing something…

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First bubble is
言葉に here: for (your) words
責任もたなきゃ if you are not responsible (that would be bad)
you need to be responsible for your words

the second is deeply nested
innermost part is
a person that’s like someone not keeping his promises
thaught not to be ~
nominalizes the sentence, so the person who ~
was Mito-san


Thanks for breaking that down, that helps a lot! Seeing it in someone else’s words makes it a lot less confusing somehow


Hi there, very excited to be starting!

Really simple question about page numbers. I feel like I must be missing something, because my pages 5-6 and 25 line up with the discussion and the image at top of the thread, but then I’m confused why several people are talking about text on page 10 that for me appears on page 13…


The color version seems to lack page numbers (yay, so great), so I assume they use the ebook page number, and that can be way off. It’s best to ignore it when people mention page numbers and only look at the image or text they included :joy:


Good to know - thanks :grinning:

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Well that was tough. I definitely need to focus more on improving my grammar. Even with frequent vocab lookups, some bits were still hard to understand.

Funny that we’ve already had already another part where the furigana doesn’t match the kanji. 信号 is shown as シグナル

I don’t know if a single word really needs a spoiler, but I’ll keep it just in case.


Ok, just finished reading until this week’s last page, but man, was page 16 though. I think I’m pretty sure I got what they meant because of the vocab sheet and using , but just to confirm:

*The aunt is all like: “I didn’t tell Gon his parents were hunters, and Gon never asked about it, so why?”
*Then the grandma’s part is confusing, but what I got was: “Even if someone told him, even if he didn’t know, even if he decided it, I had the feeling sooner or later something similar to this would happen because his eyes have the same shine as his father’s.”

Is that about right, or did I get something wrong?

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An important thing is, かも知れない is not “even if”, rather “maybe”. This makes what the grandma said to be “Maybe he asked someone, maybe he decided without knowing, but I had a feeling this will happen one day”. You know the second part in the first bubble means “maybe he decided without knowing”, because the ず form of a verb is “without X doing Y”.


I gave it a try but I decided that I won’t be reading the manga with the book club after all.
It is simply too much out of my reach for now. :pensive:
I have to look almost every single kanji up, and because I don’t know the words, I have a hard time seeing the grammar patterns and I don’t feel like I’m getting any learning from it. So I will focus on my other learning ressources (WK, Genki, Assimil), and come back to it later! Have fun everyone and thanks for the good work, definitely nice to have the vocab sheet and the discussions available!


Finished this week’s reading and enjoying it so far!
実は I didn’t understand each line perfectly, so appreciating any breakdowns, thanks Gorbit! If I happen to have time in the next days, I may go over it more thoroughly and ask some questions myself, but for now I’m already happy for getting the gist and understanding some sentences without much help :blush:
hope I can keep up when things get more busy in fall though :sweat_smile:


What does it mean on page 15 when it says

このしまじゃ 10ねんは 釣り上げるものなど 現れんと おもっとったが

When I tried putting it into a translator it gave me

And this 10 is not going to show up to catch anything.
So I assume it means something like "This 10 year old has never caught anything, but now…

Is there something I’m missing?

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I took this as meaning:

After 10 years in our village, I feel a fisherman (?) has emerged.

He is either saying it’s taken 10 years for this boys strength to emerge or that this fish has been bothering the village for 10 years and finally someone has emerged to defeat it.

I’m guessing since later is shown as a task/promise he made to catch it that the fish has been a hassle for 10 years?


Synopsis so far?

There are mysterious monsters, treasures and areas around the world.

An unknown word has called mysterious forces into existence and this has attracted hunters to (implied) hunt the above.

A young boy, our protagonist, catches a huge fish monster which would require the strength of 5 men (implying he’s strong). And that this monster has been hassling the village for 10 years (or that the boy is finally, after 10 years, strong enough to catch it)

The boy asks for training and his mentor grumpily agrees. The mentor is worried because of what happened to the boys father? Her counsel says there is no point in worrying.

Mean while the boy bounds off to the forest and is embraced by a giant fox monster. Which looks to be his pet/buddy. A flash back ensues whereby his uncle (I’m guessing this is a friendly term for an older male adult) defeats a giant version of said fox monster (which turns out to be his pets mother). Uncle isn’t happy at this? And tells the boy he could have noticed the signs eg scratch marks and not drawn attention to them? Now the boy has to kill the baby as it won’t survive by itself.

The boy refuses and says he wants to raise it. The uncle says this isn’t a good idea as it will always dislike and scare/attack humans? The boy asks if this “uncle” knows/knew his dad.


What is the exact meaning of なるになって since it’s a combination of なる and whatever なって is. On page 14 it means don’t be is that the regular meaning?

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It looks like an extra に particle was added in that quote — I think it’s なるな (negative command form) + って (quoted speech particle).


closer to “i didn’t think (anyone on) this island could catch this fish for another 10 years” i think? @Gorbit99 summed it up like this upthread:


Will the google sheet stay up forever so that if we aren’t up to speed on grammar enough to read it now, that we can go back and reference it later when we are?

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Hopefully, yeah, the only reason it would go down would be if google does something (or kills off drive, wouldn’t be the most surprising), but I’m sure it will be fine