How write in hiragana


In my review i need to write in hiragana the Kanji 入, but i don´t know how write Yōon, i need to write にゅう(i copy this from another site) but i would like to know how write it in here

Type N,Y,U,U


Just write in romaji, WaniKani will do the rest

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If you’re not familiar with WaniKani input/IME’s read this:

There are related questions covered in the FAQ that might be helpful.

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You should look at Koichi’s tutorial about typing in Japanese with an IME.

Please see this also:


Maybe this one Hiragana - by linhlinh6789 - Memrise
Memrise is free.

It would also be useful to download a Japanese keyboard for your device (you should be able to find it in your device’s languages or keyboard settings) so that you can type in Japanese outside of the Wanikani tests. Most of them work in the same way as Wanikani, you just type in romaji and it converts it as you go.

Microsoft IME and Google Japanese Input/IME are both popular. Most people prefer Google.

Thank you!

How should I write ‘tedzumi’ (handmade) in hiragana? The ‘dzu’ does not come out correctly.



Thanks a lot!

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