How updated is when it comes to the JLPT in 2023 onwards?

I have almost finished my 2 Summer University Courses on Elementary Japanese 101 and 102 (It’s hell, I tell you) and I will end up finishing Intermediate Japanese 203 in the Fall. I plan on taking the N4 in December but am making sure I know all the grammar, all the kanji and all the vocab for the exam. Can you tell me if’s list of kanji, vocab, and grammar is all accurate and up to date for studying/practicing?

Thanks in advance


The test hasn’t changed substantially since it became the N# format, so pretty much anything that describes stuff as N# is going to be “up to date” in that regard. There aren’t official lists to base anything on, so things will always have a slight margin for error. No one can ever be sure they know what will show up on a given level with 100% certainty.

There probably have been some tweaks, but I doubt that N4 has changed much.

That being said, don’t rely on just one resource, because then you’re putting all your eggs in their basket. Do some reading on your own, use a few different sources, etc.