Best resources for JLPT N4?


So I’ll be taking the N4 exam in July and I’ve still got a lot of things to learn. The knowledge required for N5 shouldn’t be a problem (apart from some missing vocab) but I still have to learn a lot of N4 specific grammar and vocab.

Right now I’m getting the missing kanji from the CrabiGator and the missing grammar points from Bunpro. I believe I should be alright with these resources (alternatives are still welcome though).

My main problem is that I need to catch up with the required vocabulary (especially kana only words). I’ve taken a look at the Ultimate Japanese Resource thread and it’s a bit overwhelming so I’d like some suggestions, especially from people who have been in the same boat as me and successfully overcame these hurdles.

Right now I’m using these resources for vocabulary: - For a list of required knowledge needed for the JLPT.
Genki Complete w/Template 2.6206 Anki Deck - Which is really fun to do, but It’s not specifically for the JLPT N5+N4, so I’m looking for something that teaches specifically only what is needed for the N5+N4.

I also don’t mind if the resource is paid, if it’s worth it, then I don’t mind paying for it. :slight_smile:


There’s a JLPT vocab list by WK level so you can take all the “Lv 100” ones into your own deck because they are not part of WK. It’s a bit outdated though but I still used it for N5

For grammar I plan on completing Genki II and then buy the Shin Kanzen Master N4 Grammar book.

In any case you can’t be 100% sure you covered everything because there are no official lists…


I found this a few days ago. The site looks promising but they sadly did not finish it.
You can still check out the stuff they did for the earlier levels. Sadly the Ankilist link does not work anymore thow.

The grammar is also only for JLPT5 :neutral_face:

If you find something useful let us all know :wink: