JLPT (N5 to N2) Study Tips

I passed JLPT N2 and now studying for N1. Here are some study tips for JLPT exams (N5 to N2). Hope it helps.

  1. Each exam level has a designated list of Vocab and Kanji. But for Grammar, what you learned in the previous levels will appear again.

  2. Buying a book or taking online classes will speed things up. You might not feel the impact immediately but trust me it helps a lot in the long run.

  3. You can easily find Vocab and Kanji list online. For Grammar, focus on few websites because each website is different from one another, and it may confuse you further if you’re not careful.

  4. It is sufficient to only learn Vocab and Kanji list of your level. You need to know the meaning, way to use, alphabet, and how it’s written.

  5. Grammar - It is important to understand and memorize the rules. Start by reading sample sentences (from simple to complex) to further your understanding. Then, practise with a wide variety of questions. For higher level such as N1, N2, getting a book would help a lot.

  6. Reading - If you have a book that provide reading practice, always do it, because the difficulty of the problems is customized based on what you know. If you don’t have a book then it is better to finish learning Vocab, Kanji and Grammar first, then only practice.

  7. Listening – Books that have CD are great. But you can find it online as well (Youtube etc.). You can learn faster by diversifying your source. Adjust the volume to just audible (no need too clear), because during the test, questions are broadcasted through speaker, and it would not sound clear at times.

Feel free to ask me anything related to JLPT, I’m glad to help.


What was the biggest change between N4 to N3?

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@martian_5113 and also n3 to n2 please!
would you suggest doing a lot of timed sample tests for n2? because my weakness is reading. I can read fast but I won’t be able to understand the sentences clearly.
Oh and it would be great if you could name the materials you used for N2!

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Be aware that no official list has been published. The lists you can find online are best guesses only.


Wow, thanks!!!