How to write プレッツェル?


I recently encountered the word プレッツェル - Pretzel (I’ll blur it if you want to guess what it means first).

I put it into 方法 since I want to remember it, and when it came up for review I had to type プレッツ, then x+e to get the small ェ, then ル.

Is there a smarter way to write small characters after ツ?

I’m just curious, and of course very eager to save like 0,2 seconds on my reviews of the word going forward.


Oops can’t read.


I also read it wrong at first! My brain isn’t used to seeing anything but シ if there is an ェ after. I was like… Pressure? No, that’s not right.


It worked when I did “purettseru”


tse works for ツェ


What. I’m pretty sure I tried that. Why didn’t it work? And now it does. It surely can’t be MY fault, can it?

Anyway… thanks :heart: :crazy_face:


No problem :durtle_love:


If we ever meet, I’ll buy you a プレッツェル!


優しい !

Deal :pretzel::durtle_love:


I just noticed that even if tse works in my Windows-IME it does not work in Houhou. I just get Tセ. I wonder if it works with Wanikanis kana-input? I don’t have any reviews the next 12 hours, so I can’t test it.

Bad news, but atleast it means I wasn’t a total idiot before.

also @Leebo, since he helped before.


It does, that’s actually how I did it initially to test it out :thinking:


Cool! Then it’s a Houhou issue perhaps.

My best solution is to switch to Windows-IME for just that review. Maybe I’m better off just typing xe if that’s the case :smiley:

I’ll ping @Doublevil as well, even if he does not work actively on Houhou, and even though I don’t really need any fix. Just thinking he would like to know :pretzel:


The good thing is that now I’ll never forget this wonderful word.


Me neither! :pretzel::durtle_the_explorer:


There are far to few pretzel-gifs



I wholeheartedly agree, I was thinking the same thing! :speak_no_evil: truly an outrage