How to write プレッツェル?

I recently encountered the word プレッツェル - Pretzel (I’ll blur it if you want to guess what it means first).

I put it into 方法 since I want to remember it, and when it came up for review I had to type プレッツ, then x+e to get the small ェ, then ル.

Is there a smarter way to write small characters after ツ?

I’m just curious, and of course very eager to save like 0,2 seconds on my reviews of the word going forward.

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Oops can’t read.

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I also read it wrong at first! My brain isn’t used to seeing anything but シ if there is an ェ after. I was like… Pressure? No, that’s not right.


It worked when I did “purettseru”

tse works for ツェ

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What. I’m pretty sure I tried that. Why didn’t it work? And now it does. It surely can’t be MY fault, can it?

Anyway… thanks :heart: :crazy_face:

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No problem :durtle_love:

If we ever meet, I’ll buy you a プレッツェル!

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優しい !

Deal :pretzel::durtle_love:


I just noticed that even if tse works in my Windows-IME it does not work in Houhou. I just get Tセ. I wonder if it works with Wanikanis kana-input? I don’t have any reviews the next 12 hours, so I can’t test it.

Bad news, but atleast it means I wasn’t a total idiot before.

also @Leebo, since he helped before.

It does, that’s actually how I did it initially to test it out :thinking:

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Cool! Then it’s a Houhou issue perhaps.

My best solution is to switch to Windows-IME for just that review. Maybe I’m better off just typing xe if that’s the case :smiley:

I’ll ping @Doublevil as well, even if he does not work actively on Houhou, and even though I don’t really need any fix. Just thinking he would like to know :pretzel:

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The good thing is that now I’ll never forget this wonderful word.

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Me neither! :pretzel::durtle_the_explorer:

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There are far to few pretzel-gifs


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I wholeheartedly agree, I was thinking the same thing! :speak_no_evil: truly an outrage


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