Trouble typing the characters for 手作り

Hello, I am just wondering how to input the character for てくり?

Its the づ that I cant seem to get my computer to input correctly for reviews. Im using a Japanese computer at work. I always just end up finding it online and copy and pasting it in. Obviously this isnt very practical so if anyone knows what I need to type in for づ to show up I would greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you!!!


To get づ you have to type “du”.

And, since that also sometimes causes problems - ぢ is “di”.
It follows the pattern of つ(”tu") → づ(“du”) and ち(“ti”) → ぢ(“di”)


If you ever want to check a way to type one of them, they are in the hiragana table within the review/lesson quiz page itself.


Also, to give some English (forum) typing tips, you should use ’ for apostrophes. The character ` is used for formatted code, which is why your post looks weird.


Ah, du! Thank you so much!!! I hadn’t thought to try that hahaha

Thanks for the advice. I was typing the original message on my Japanese keyboard at work, and I have a hard time finding the apostrophe key on it, It’s in a different spot and I had to figure out how to correctly get it to pop up. Luckily my phone keyboard that I’m on now is of course in English so that’s easier hahaha
I didn’t realize the other thing was for programming though, that’s interesting.

Thank you for the advice! I didn’t know those were there. I’ll have to check them out in the future.

Yeah, it’s the button labeled ひ, near the other buttons, like the eye for showing details or the clock for wrapping up.

Oh, yeah I’ve never pushed that before hahaha
So it shows the romaji you need to type in order to get certain hiragana?

Yes, it shows the hiragana and the input romaji, and you can just click it to add that character as well.

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