How to unlock the Kanjis after finishing radicals?

I got all 26 radicals in lesson 1 to " Apprentice" level but the kanji are still locked. When does the Kanjis unlock? I already paid for the site so its more troubling to see that I can not learn.

Radicals unlock associated kanji when they reach “guru” status, which is the 4th tier of the SRS scale. For level 1 it takes about a day and a half to do that, if you do all your reviews on time.

This is all spelled out in the FAQ and Guide.

The first 3 levels are free, so you could have waited to test the system before paying (you probably still can if you really wanted to and emailed them, they’d give you a refund in all likelihood).


Just be patient. When I first started with the site, I thought it seemed like a ton of radicals at first as well. Don’t worry, you’ll be studying actual kanji soon in no time. They’ll unlock on their own, and knowing the radicals first makes learning them really easy.


Thank you very much. Okay, I will write to them.

Thank you very much for your motivation.

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