Level 1... radicals

Hey there, I just started yesterday and tried some lessons and I have been doing them all the time to figure the system out. So I completed them and all I do now is reviewing the same first 26 radicals over and over again and the forecast for the next week is… 26 radicals. I mean, seriously though??? Unless this is some sort of glitch then I’m not impressed with that pace like at all. Just seriously, how am I supposed to learn any kanji or anything language related if I wasn’t given any so far to begin with??

Once you get them right four times in a row (can be done in 1 day 17 hours) you will unlock the kanji. The pace picks up considerably with each level


Things won’t appear in the forecast until you do lessons for them. And kanji lessons should be available soon if you’ve already done several reviews of radicals.


Maybe read the FAQ? Your post is answered by Question #1.


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