How to study JLPT hiragana vocabulary?

I am using Wanikani + textbooks for my preparation for JLPT 3. However, as you can see in this thread, Wanikani lacks a lot of vocabulary, since its aimed at teaching vocab only for the sake of remembering kanjis.

I am particularly concerned about vocabulary that is usually written in hiragana (be it because there is no kanji for it, or the kanji is rather obscure). I have found Anki decks online, but they use a lot of kanjis that are not included in the test (at least in the case of N3 decks), so I wonder if any of you has any advice towards quickly listing all the vocabs that are mostly written in hiragana that one might need for JLPT tests or for daily conversation?

I am not sure I explained myself well enough, I hope you get what I mean!



Japanese Test 4 You has vocab lists, but of course that’s not a self-contained study method that will grill you on things.

The free Android app Kanji Tree has material to practice recognition, readings, and physical writing, divvied into JLPT levels, or jouyou levels. The recognition, reading and writing are different sections, so you’re not expected to be able to do all three.

Otherwise see if Memrise has an N3 vocab deck?

There are several threads here addressing how to find kana-only vocabulary, or at least vocabulary usually written in kana. I’ve included a couple of links: first thread and second thread. Both of these were authored this year so I’m sure if you’ll be able to find quite a few places where you can access kana-only vocabulary.

I’m learning all my JLPT vocab through Memrise courses. There’s a course for pretty much everything and the whole SRS system is similar to the way WK works.

The day before the jlpt n3 i made a list of hiragana vocab in some vocab book for n3 i bought. It was about 40 items? Then 4 of them were on the exam and I wouldn’t have gotten them right if I hadn’t looked at them the day before lol. Anyway it’s this book

What I’m trying to say is, for the actual jlpt maybe just going through a regular vocab list and picking the hiragana ones you don’t know is enough :slight_smile:

(then you can of course make an anki list or just write them down a few times. Lots are onomatopoeias though!!)

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