How to say "Hope you can meet ____soon"

So I was speaking to a native speaker when she told me that her grandmother resides in Kobe. I want to say “I hope you can meet your grandmother soon/again” but I don’t know how firstly, and secondly if it’s gonna sound rude? I greatly appreciate your help.

I would say:

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The most polite way to say it would perhaps be 「(早く)おばあさんとお会いできたら嬉しいです」or 「(早く)おばあさんとお会いしてみたいです」

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「(早く)おばあさんとお会いできたら嬉しいです」 This would mean “I would be happy if you could meet your grandmother soon.”

「(早く)おばあさんとお会いしてみたいです」 This would mean “I want to try and meet your grandmother”

Both of which are not what the OP asked for.

@d-hermit has the more correct way, the only thing I’d replace is “を会える” with “に会える”. 会う is not a transitive verb that takes を, you use it typically with に or と.

I myself would phrase the answer as:
早く おばあさんに 会えると いいですね。


Ah of course! I always have to look it up… because this is what happens when I don’t.

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I somehow managed to misread “you” as “I” aha… sorry OP! (I did think it was a bit of a strange request tbh)

Thanks for posting a more relevant answer


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