"Nice To Meet You"

What’s the difference between はじめまして and よろしく? They both can be reduced to “nice to meet you”, right, but I imagine you use one or the other depending on the context. I was thinking that はじめまして is for when you have never before seen that person in your life and よろしく for when you have seen them, but you have never talked to them or something like that. I’m not 100% sure, though, so that’s why I’m asking.

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I’ve only seen はじめまして used when one person is first meeting another, as an initial introductory statement. よろしく is very diverse and is used in many other scenarios beyond introduction, such as when you begin working with someone, when you’re making a request, when you’re expressing gratitude, or a number of other things. There’s a Wasabi article that provides greater detail.


Mmm, this is very complicated. >.< Thank you for your help, though.

The expression はじめまして is derived from the verb はじめる, which means “to begin.” Literally translated, the expression means “for the first time.” However, as the phrase is used when you meet someone for the first time, a more accurate English translation is “How do you do?” or “Nice to meet you./Good to meet you.” This phrase is often the first thing said when introducing oneself and is appropriate for all politeness levels.
And よろしくおねがいします can mean “Please be kind to me” in the context of meeting someone for the first time but it can also take on many different meanings based on the context.


@SleepyOne @Jasen I have a very specific situation in mind: this person and I have had classes together, we have the same major, but a different minor, so we don’t really know each other and have never talked. One day, there’s an activity based on groups and this person and I end up on the same one. After the class is over and having collaborated for the activity, I want to introduce myself. Do I still say はじめまして? Or do I drop it and just say my name and maybe that they did a good job?

Love your username and avatar. You must be a great fan of her indeed.
Just finished season 7 yesterday :blush::see_no_evil::sob:
Sorry. Completely unrelated to your thread.

Oh, it’s okay, I don’t mind. :blush:

Most of my accounts are named Daenerys or DanyDragonQueen; I wanted something consistent, so I don’t have to come up with a different name for every single one, and I know I would always admire her, so yeah, it works.
Hope you enjoyed watching it, I certainly did, especially since the last two books are still being written. I’m glad I didn’t have to leave those characters and that world behind while waiting for them, as is the case with so many other stories that I read or am reading.

Oh yes I enjoyed it! Strangely, my favourite scene is the last scene of Petyr Baelish. I laughed so hard out of relief.
And I‘m looking forward to The Winds of Winter as well, even though god knows when they will be published…
Dany for the win!

Hehe, it’s nice to meet such a passionate fan! At my Uni, most people don’t like Game of Thrones, some just for the fact that it’s so popular. I have to admit, though, I have a similar issue: everybody was praising 進撃の巨人 (Attack on Titan) and that was the sole reason I never touched it, until recently. Unlike their case, the hype can break through to me. It just takes a while.

I loved that scene! It was so badass and hilarious at the same time. I was really glad Littlefinger finally got what he deserved, after all the scheming and plotting.

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I can understand the dislike for something that is hyped that much. The thing is, where I‘m living there is no hype at all. I‘m the only one excited about it, kind of. Only one of my friends watched the show (only), another one only read the books, the rest doesn‘t know, doesn‘t care.

Right up to his demise I actually thought he had good chances of ending up on the Iron Throne. When you think about it, he started all of it… I was so happy when it finally became clear that his scheming was over once and for all. I also kind of wonder how Dany is going to react to Jon‘s true name. After all, he has a better claim to the throne than she has…

Who knows? I am a little worried about that reveal, about how it could impact their relationship and their plans, but if I were to guess, I would say that Jon will let her be the queen, since she has more experience. He never wanted to be a king, he only wished to fight against the White Walkers and make sure Westeros was safe. Maybe they will keep his name a secret from the world, but I imagine he could be forced to claim the throne regardless, if Dany were to be killed, for instance. I really hope that won’t be the case, though.

I agree that Jon will probably let her be the queen, after all she has the dragons :grin:. Killing her, that would be cruel. But I have also a bad feeling about her future, because, all things considered, her way towards Westeros and the throne went pretty smooth, compared to Tyrion‘s or Jon‘s or Sansa‘s or Arya‘s life, at least in my opinion. I‘m also curious about how they will deal with Viserion. Kill him? Or will Bran intervene? Or something else? Waiting until 2019 is just tooooooo long.

Since the show is as dark as it is, I don’t expect anything but death for those who have been turned by the Night King. Besides, the dragon was dead and then reanimated, so his condition doesn’t work like a sickness or something like that. He’s like a zombie, and there is no reversing a zombie back to a human because the human is long gone. Well, unless you count stories like iZombie or Warm Bodies.

I am scared for Dany as well, but I pray to 神様 that she’ll be okay.

2019 is far away, but I know learning Japanese, at least, will keep me busy till then. :wink:

True. I still have some hopes for the dragon. Maybe Bran will take over the Night King and keep Viserion. I fear that‘s a futile hope, though. Biggest lesson of GoT: don‘t get attached, your favourite is likely to die. I do hope the main people like Dany, Jon and Tyrion survive.

I also hope Tormund Giantsbane is ok. Probably not, but I hope so.

Yeah, there is enough Japanese to learn for all the time in between. And a lot of books to read as well.

In my opinion, there’s no need to say はじめまして in that scenario. Although you haven’t formally introduced yourself, I’ve seen plenty of introductions that didn’t begin with はじめまして, and for some reason it sounds kind of delayed or stiff in this case. It would be perfectly fine if you just gave your name and a standard よろしくお願いします, I think. Some people may give a plain よろしく if it’s a more casual setting.

To be honest it seems weird that you’re not going to introduce yourself to someone until after you finish working with them

In any case, I wouldn’t go with 初めまして but something like お疲れ様でした、竜の母親です。 これからもよろしくお願いします would be fine.

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This made me giggle. :blush:

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