How to say 'Bibliography' or 'References' in Japanese?

I have a written assignment for my Japanese class wherein we are expected to compile information from 3 different sources, in Japanese, on the internet. I’ve figured out my sources, but writing a heading that says ‘bibliography’ or ‘references’ has stumped me!

Does anyone know the word Japanese people usually use for this? Google Translate gave me some suggestions but I don’t trust it.

引用 means citation or reference. The reference part means more like a reference to the bible or something, but I think it may also work for what you want.

書誌 is bibliography and I think its what you’re looking for based off of this definition:

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Thanks so much!

I know you already got a response and not to make it more confusing but I’ve used 参考文献 for a class to mean reference/bibliography.


参考文献 is indeed the standard header for that section in Japanese research articles. Based on the context given, that’s probably what OP is looking for.


Thank you. Sounds like a good alternative! I’ll check with my teacher when I get back from break to see which is more appropriate.

Interesting to know. That was the suggestion Google Translate offered up, so I wasn’t sure if it was correct at first, but given that two people have confirmed its legitimacy now, I trust it!

Glad to see you have an answer! Good luck with the rest of your assignment :slight_smile:

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