Help me translate that sentence

so i am doing an exercise in one of my books and have a weird phrase which i cannot translate…


From my understanding it means How is japanese in Japanese (??) or how far?

this exercise is on page 26 in Genki 2nd edition (1) workbook

Is that the title of a book? “How much is that book (called 日本語の日本)?”

Well i have no idea…

this was written with hiragana only which makes it more confusing…

いくらですか is a phrase meaning “How much is it?” referring to price usually. So my guess is that the asker is at a store and asks about an object, my guess is a book, 日本語の日本. Something like “How much does The Japanese of Japan cost?”

That’s the only way that it makes sense to me, but it’s still a weird sentence. Maybe someone who knows better can explain it.

Well, i’m gonna msg one of my roommates which has N2 in Japanese maybe he will actually understand it…

normally i would ask my GF about it but she is really mad at me for doing something and i don’t want to even bother her now ;(

That was my thought. It’s not a confusing sentence if 日本語の日本 is an item.

Well yeah, in that matter i can understand it but without the context any image etc… its still a bit confusing if you think about it

Is that definitely the sentence? It does seem odd. Especially since it’s very close to 日本語の本はいくらですか which seems like a more Genki-ish sentence to include in a workbook exercise.


Well i got confused and it was actually 本… this one i understand but i guess
learning Math,Chemistry,Biology,German,Polish,English and Japanese can make things a bit confusing especially after not sleeping whole night and studying :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Hi, glad you got that all figure out. You’re doing fine, everyone is allowed to misread every now and then. Also Genki is a little weird because it asks you to answer, How much is that book in written japanese? But makes you make up the price!


This is the short grammar questions thread, perfect for quick questions like this!


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