About to begin the Tobira books, how would you recommend tackling then?

What I would do for Genki is write the grammar points. Then do the workbook problems and use Youtube etc. for help.

For Tobira Grammar I plan to use Bunpro and Youtube etc but I don’t want to write over and over again the gramnar this time.

Anything else I should add?


How I did it (worked for me but maybe not for you)

  1. Before I started the chapter I had gone on the website and got the anki decks. I would always study the anki deck a chapter before I actually start it. That way once I start it, reading the chapter will help…somewhat.

  2. Then I go straight to reading. Out loud. At this point I am just reading to see if I understand it and what I can make out or not. I listen to the audio after each paragraph and read it again to help understand. (As I went on I just read it out loud once then listened to all audio).

  3. I didn’t bother doing the things before the grammar that seem to be class focused so I just focused on grammar at this point. I used Bunpro so I would add the grammar that I learnt onto that. Usually 3-4 at a time depending on what I thought.

  4. You can use things like Nihongo No Mori on Youtube to also supplement your grammar studies too which I found was very useful. Also you can use HelloTalk or something to practice writing something with the grammar point you learnt if you wanted.

  5. I did a chapter a week or just a little over a week so after going over the grammar and such I would do all the reading and listening again. At this point I had a much larger understanding and could read the text a lot easier. Anything you struggled with you check over it again.

This is basically what I did which I found worked for me! Hope it gave you some idea :smiley:


Thank for talking time to write that!
Hehe…I did the Vocab Anki already months ago in advance. For two, obivious but I never thought about that! 3. Same no class focused stuff. 4. I’ll most likely do that for sure. Hellotalk, I’m already on it, Convo partner every week is bloody nice.

You should check out the Tobira study group :blush: They’re almost finished with the book, but a few people (like me!) are still going through chapters later, plus there’s lots of discussion on how people use the book best


Hmm…bloody right I should check it out, but I want to take my time with it but finish it earlier than the Genki series. This will help, bloody nice mate.


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