How to optimize spending?

So, I’m currently doing the free trial of wanikani and it seems to be a thing worth buying. However, the price is, erm, quite high and the Christmas sale is nowhere to be seen. So should I get the annual subscription now and later, when the winter sale comes around, get the lifetime one? Not only will I have the winter sale, but I think cancelling an order half-way gives you a discount when getting another one. But I may just be chanting out of my ass. What do you guys thank?

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I would do exactly what you said.

But if you’re level 1 now I would maybe get monthly first for a bit to see if you’re actually going to stick with it…


Sound good then! <3

During the christmas sale you get a refund for the time left on your annual subscription, so that’s the most cost efficient choice. Monthly is the most expensive one. (but if you do have a monthly subscription going in december, then that also gives you a reduction on the price of life-time during the sale).


That’s exactly what I did. You get prorated for whatever is left on annual so you’ll pay even less. I think I had around 4 or 5 months left on annual and paid close to half of the discounted winter sale price.


cheapest would be annual, then lifetime when the discount happens. but of course finish your free levels first ^^


You’re of course right, but I recommend monthly for a month or two, just to get a feel for WK, to see if you’re actually likely to stay.

Because if you get yearly and drop it, now that’s a much bigger loss :smiley:


If you listen to a recent Tofugu podcast episode there may be a discount you can use before the December sale :eyes: Can’t remember when the offer expires though. It might be the end of this month if it hasn’t already.


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