Christmas sale?

Hi! New-ish user here and loving Wanikani. I use it every day. I’m getting close to level 4 (and therefore the end of the free trial) and would like to upgrade soon but I heard there have been sales every Christmas for the lifetime membership. I’m assuming it will happen again this year, but does anyone know for sure?

Thanks for your help!


It’s been confirmed, I think. I think I remember that from a couple months ago on I don’t know which thread, but seems not yet, according to the people on this thread: Will there be a 33% off lifetime sale this December?


Even better, when you already have a year subscription for example, you will get your lifetime costs discounted by the costs of the year subscription that you haven’t used yet.

So if you get a year subscription of 90 dollars, and then a lifetime subscription 4 months later, the costs of that lifetime subscription will be 60 dollars lower.

Therefore, if you’re planning on getting lifetime anyway, go ahead and get a year subscription now for the time being.


@Senchaa Do the monthly. Yes it costs more, but if you want to ensure that you put your money where your mouth is, I highly recommend it. Seeing that monthly nine dollars hit on your bank statement will be an incessant reminder “are you making progress? Are you studying every day?” No one wants to be at Level 10 after a year. You want to blow yourself away with how much you learned and validate the investment. When I lost my iPhone on a fishing expedition and when from studying every day to being without WiFi for months it killed me to know I was getting charged anyway. When I finallt got back on in May I hit the ground running and repeated the first six Levels in two weeks then completed two more in two more weeks. Now I average a Level every 8 days. I decided to slow it down to three Levels a month, but the itch for progress is strong…why? I am making an investment. Life will throw you all sorts of problems and a monthly membership will help you stay on track.


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