How to memorise and study grammar?

Hello everyone.
At the moment I am searching for some good methods for studying and revising grammar.

I get the materials from my teacher. We sadly do not use any grammar books. The materials usually contain 1 or 2 examples and there are no available exercises to the topics.
Understanding and memorizing grammar is not the biggest problem. To me it is difficult remembering the materials for a longer time period and using grammatical rules while writing or speaking.
Do you have any recommendations on what could help me, and if it would make sense to use anki for grammar?
Thank you very much😊


Actually seeing the grammar patterns in use is probably the best way to keep it fresh in your mind. which of course means reading, watching content or whatever. This will be a bit hard, if you aren’t yet in the habit of reading often (if not every day), but it’s a good one to get into.

Otherwise, you might want to give bunpro a try, if you’ve never tried it, it’s SRS for grammar patterns. It’s very hit or miss, but a lot of people find it incredibly useful in their studies.


You can definitely use Anki for grammar, but be sure to add 2-3 context sentences for each grammar point.

Regarding remembering, I think the key is practice - write sentences about stuff that’s meaningful to you with the grammar you learn. For instance, @Aynnej does something like this and I see it’s working.


Yes, I definitely recommend writing a few sentences a day using different grammar structures. Joining a conversation is especially helpful–it just makes you write with more intention.


I’m using Bunpro in combination with a couple of books (Genki, Tae Kim, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar). Some books better explain a certain point than others so if something is a bit harder I like to read multiple explanations.

I have the same problem, most stuff is easy to understand but memorizing them can be tough. When I do new BunPro lessons I also write everything down in my notebook which helps me to memorize them. But BunPro is quite cheap and the SRS really helps me.

Lastly I read as much in Japanese as I can. I think the only way to get this stuff really burned into your brain is to use the grammar as much as you can.