How to look up obscure kanji by radical?

So I was watching 東大王 quiz show and one of the questions for kanji othello was:

踠く = もがく = to wriggle

This is an outdated kanji spelling of this word (which is usually written in かな anyway). The weird thing is that this kanji has an entry in and comes up in the definition of もかく, but is is not in the kanji by radical search database.
Is this just an oversight in jisho? does anyone know of a searchable online database for kanji by radical that contains obscure/outdated kanji?

If you go to the page for the kanji, you’ll see the parts section is blank. That’s how the search by radical thing works.

This probably just means that the data file for the kanji database that Jisho uses, which is run by Jim Breen, is blank by mistake.

Jisho doesn’t directly create any of the data on the site.

If you have a paper kanji dictionary, this would be easily searchable under the 足 radical.

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