How to go about learning pitch accent for previous level words?

Posting to ask about how I might go about learning the pitch accent for some of the WaniKani words that may already be master, enlightened etc. if they no longer appear often enough in reviews to memorise?

Thank you in advance

You could potentially use something like

Once you link up your account, this will give you a list of all your WaniKani learnt vocabulary, and you can easily see which are master/enlightened. Any you’re not sure about you can click through and listen to the pitch accent.


Thank you :slight_smile: I had not really start pitch until fairly recently, and didn’t know how to go about learning them, so thanks a bunch

I’d recommend using the Item Inspector for this one as you can hover over items in the list and get details about it. Go into the settings to set what data you want to show in pop-ups, like pitch information:

You can find the script here! :slight_smile:


Thanks man :grinning: i actually already have the item inspector, but didn’t realise it has pitch info, so thanks loads

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Would it be a good idea to perhaps make an anki deck designed for remembering the pitch accents of words I already know?

I’m probably not the best to ask about Anki, as I’m not using it myself.

But, I think it might be overkill. Thing is, pitch accent is something you’ll catch on to the more you do listening practice. :thinking: To settle your curiosity, just checking them over should be fine.

Tbh, I can’t say I’ve done much intentional pitch accent training at all. Before doing WK, I had done extensive listening practice, so I sort of just knew what words should sound like and mostly checked out the ones I could not guess.

In the end, listening practice is key to understanding the sound of a language. To know how to listen and understand what you hear, seeing the pitch info diagrams is pretty useful, but mostly when hearing the words spoken at the same time I think.


I see, thanks for all the advice, This will probably be about it for questions from me.

Thanks again

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