How to find JP YouTubers without annoying sound effects?

Click on any non-MV video on the 人気 home page and you’ll get what I mean.
Here’s a random example:

I’m talking about those sparkles, gong, ding etc. sound effects that accompany what they say.

I find that absolutely unbearable but it’s so damn popular that finding a youtuber that doesn’t use them seems like challenge. At this point, if I see that a YT channel has more than 1M subscribers, I automatically assume all their videos will contain those annoying sound effects.

To be clear, background music like in the following video is fine:

How can I find native content aimed at natives (i.e. not educational channels aimed at Japanese learners) that’s free of this phenomenon? I’d like to expose myself to more free-flow, unscripted, native casual dialogue/monologue.


Makes me think of Japanese TV-editing, which is probably why they do it. It’s communicative in a way natives relate to.

That being said, maybe it’s also a genre thing - aiming for that humorous vibe? :thinking:

So, try to look for other genres is my suggestion.


V Tubers? Particularly off-collabs if you want casual, unscripted dialog between 2 or more speakers.

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I suppose this often qualifies as not specifically having the other annoying things that were mentioned, but every time I’ve happened to see any v-tuber content, it had other annoying things, like just, their manner of speech.

Perhaps just me being a grumpy old man.


I just toss things that interest me into youtube search and see what comes up. Over time my recommendations have improved.

Some random videos I’ve watched without lots of sound effects. They will have some but not as many as your linked example:

I don’t really notice the sound effects much any more, so maybe even some of those will be too much, but as @ekg said, it’s something common in Japanese TV as well so people tend to like it / expect it.


Vtubers were brought up, but really any kind of livestreaming should lean into ‘free-flow, unscripted, native casual dialogue/monologue’. If you’re cool with games those are relatively easy categories to browse on youtube or twitch.

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A peripherally related pet peeve: anime characters that squeak when they walk. Like, I get they’re small and cute, but they don’t have to sound like they’ve got dog toys in their shoes.


I’ll post more recommendations, when I come across them again.

Watercolor by Shibasaki - Art channel, very relaxing.

Takumi - Shodo channel, aesthetically pleasing and good tips.

Sakurai - Game Design channel, short vids on all things related to making of games, also has english channel.


Likewise, but here are some channels I enjoy that should be pretty tame in that department IIRC:

ZOZOZO – This is basically a Japanese take on the old Ghost Hunters show; group of pals trudge around spooky locations with cameras and flashlights. Fun but not really scary. Fair amount of onscreen Japanese subtitle graphics, with optional English subs.

落合陽平の10万ボルトTV - From one of the ZOZOZO guys, but more mundane lifestyle videos (food, restaurants, retro vending machines, sightseeing, etc.). No English subs.

Retro Vending Machine in Japan - Guy travels around the countryside documenting still-in-use retro vending machines (ramen, hamburger, etc) and how they work. No English subs.

FAKE DOCUMENTARY “Q” - Short fictional occult/found footage documentaries. Optional English subtitles.


NAKATA UNIVERSITY - YouTube doesn’t have lots of these either. Or maybe you could try some Let’s Plays if you’re into that? I like 牛沢 - YouTube for example.


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