Can anybody recommend me their favourite Japanese Youtubers?

Hi! I’m looking for something to throw on in the background while I do my Wanikani. I would love to find some Japanese Youtubers who do not speak english nor teach Japanese in their youtube videos. I would like to find authentic natural Japanese made for a Japanese audience. Any recommendations?


It would help to give some ideas of what kind of Youtubers you like in English, since you can find almost anything you’d find in English but in Japanese.

The one genre that does seem a bit lacking is like… longer video essays with lots of research and high production value. But maybe I just haven’t had luck yet.


Usually I watch like long form podcasts, comedy skits, informational videos on topics like history, culture and science also I like travel vlogs.
I’m not looking for that sort of stuff in Japanese though. Pretty much anything is fine as long as the youtuber themself isnt super annoying.
I’m a guy so I’m not interested in like make up tutorials and that sort of thing but other than that anything is fine since I just want some Japanese on in the background.

Ah, okay.

I like the manzai duo Kamaitachi. On their channel they mostly do discussions of a particular topic where it’s just the two of them talking about something, or ranking something, for 10 to 30 minutes. But since they are a manzai (and konto) duo they also have skits on the channel as well.

I guess it’s worth noting that they speak Kansai-ben though, so that may not be what you’re looking for from a language consumption perspective.


Thanks for the recommendation!

You might wanna check out Rie Tanaka’s channel if you’re into games. She’s a voice actress and streams various games now and then:

Watercolor by Shibasaki is a chill channel. As the name suggests, Mr Shibasaki teaches painting in his videos:


If you are into gameplay video’s I definitely recommend Pocky

He has some great humour as well.

Hakase Fuyuki does some streaming on youtube if you want to interact with japanese audiences.

どこにでも行くドスコイ is my favourite channel for random geographical map trivia.

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Noriyaro, if you like cars (he’s australian though, but lives in Japan).

I’ve been watching Kajiwaru Yuuta’s channel for a good while now - all the family stuff is good fun as well as the kind-hearted practical jokes. Just like Kamaitachi it’s kansai ben, なんでやねん! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

VTubers. I recommend Murasaki Shion in particular.


Vtubers are great.

Here’s one I’ve selected purely at random for no reason in particular:

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土佐兄弟 does great funny skits on high school life - great for hearing natural “young people” Japanese

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There are several recommendations over in the Listening practice thread that you could give a try. ^>^

Wouldn’t recommend listening to anything while doing your lessons/reviews. Psychological research shows that you can’t focus on multiple things, so music/chatter in the background will just distract you.

You could combine a mental and a simple physical task, e.g. listening to a podcast while doing dishes.

I also like vtubers, especially collabs. They have a similar vibe to Japanese variety shows.

Omaru Polka is pretty entertaining:

Thanks for sharing. I usually watch yuna

but I’ll try Rie Tanaka next time I watch a game.

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