How to determine possible Kanji combinations?

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I’m curious if there is a tool out there that allows you to see how many possible Japanese words you can create from a given group of Kanji. For example, using the JLPT N5 I know I can make:
小学校 = Primary school
天気 = Weather
I’m curious about all the possible words one could make using any combination of the JLPT N5. I appreciate that some combinations would make obscure, rarely used words, however, I thought it would be a fun tool to have.
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Don’t want to risk sending you down some rabbit hole, but I feel like a regex search of some description might be what you’re after.


A simple example of regex is when you use the asterisk to match any kanji/kana in, for further filtering, you can use #n5, #n4, etc.

天* #n5 -
*気 #n5 -
*学* #n5 -


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