Looking for words with certain kanjis

I was wondering if you know any resource that would let you select some kanji and that would show you all the words containing those kanji. All the online dictionaries I know about only let you choose one kanji, showing you lots of words using it, but I have found none that let you choose two or three kanji.

You can do it with Jisho by adding * in your searches, though the order does matter with this method.


Search term: *使*魔*
Result: 使い魔

Search term: *魔*使*
Result: 魔法使い


Would be nice if Jisho.org supported boolean operators for search, but in the absence of that, this is a nice way of getting the results.

Still… “魔 AND 使” would have been convenient.


Oh I’m silly. You can just leave a space between the kanji, of course. Not sure why I didn’t think about that before.

Search Term: *使* *魔*
Results: 魔法使い, 使い魔


Thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing :balloon:

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