How to ask in Japanese: "Which one sounds more natural: A or B?"

A Japanese friend of mine introduced me to a Japanese friend of hers via Line and both of us want to do kind of a language exchange. He’s learning English and I’m learning Japanese. I guess you can say we’re kind of practicing reading and writing together via Line.
We’re both beginner level (and his English is very limited at the moment), so when I’m writing something in Japanese and maybe want to ask if A or B sounds more natural, I want to ask him in Japanese. With my limited grammar knowledge, I just don’t really know how to ask correctly…? Can someone help me out, please?

Something like the following maybe…?

  • (What do you think / In your opinion,) Which one sounds more natural: A or B?
    I guess I could make use of どれ… and と思いますか maybe…? But I don’t know about “sounds more natural”…

  • (What do you think / In your opinion,) Does A sound more natural than B?

And do you maybe know any other common phrases that might be useful in the future? I know how to say “What is X in Japanese?”, but phrases similar to this?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:


You could say something like:

「A」と「B」では、どちらが自然ですか ? --> Between A and B, which is more natural?

or more literally

「A」と「B」では、 どちらが自然に聞こえますか ? --> Between A and B, which sounds more natural?


Thanks a lot! I actually know 聞こえる (as hearable) already and just learned 自然 here on wanikani! I wasn’t sure if the latter can be used in this context but I guess so :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use どれ instead of どちら?

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どれ is for 3 or more things, so in this scenario between just A vs. B, you could use どちら or the more casual どっち ^^


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