How paradisiacal is the PARADISE level?

Since I am about to get to the PARADISE level I am wondering if, after Painful, Death, Hell, it is getting any easier as the name suggests. WaniKani is really hard to get through at times. I would love to hear that the Paradise level has some ease for me… :slight_smile:

According to the x-mas letter from Koichi, when I reach level 40, I know about 83% of the JLPT N2 kanji. My current mission is to pass the JLPT N2 exam next summer. Can I set WaniKani to only teach me until lesson 40 and than repeat all the stuff I have learned so far, to really be good at only the necessary stuff? That way I wouldn’t torture myself with even more kanji and would use my power to become very skilled at the ones I have already learned.

Same question for ending the course with level 60. Can I continue training all the kanji after passing the last level? Or do I have to start all over again just for practice? If I go back let’s say to level 15 or so, with the set back option, than I would not be reviewed for later lessons only if I did the new lessons all over again. right?


Once you get to 40, don’t do any more lessons. Only do reviews. Do lessons once you’re ready to keep levelling again.

You’ll keep getting reviews at level 60 until you burn all items. :turtle:


You’ll continue getting reviews until you burn everything. You can manually unburn anything to study it from scratch without resetting (and there’s a script to do it in bulk). If you reset it will be as if you never reached the later levels, so reviews for those items would disappear entirely.


You can try the self study quiz script to quickly go over stuff you are interested in:

I’m currently unburning all kanji, I don’t want to go over all vocab again while also doing KW. But it’s not perfect because many kanji are still enlightened.


This is my personal 2p (so everything implies an IMHO), but I would not stop at level 40. You risk to lose momentum making it very hard to restart eventually, moreover, the more vocab and kanji you know the easier for you is to get access to harder study and practice material (harder books, harder dialogs, etc).

Plus, a really good rule of thumb is to study for the jlpt above the one you are actually going to attempt.

As for level 60, there is no much point in resetting back, just use the script @acm2010 linked to unburn what you want and keep reviewing like a pro :slight_smile:


In terms of level difficulty, so far I think the 40’s have been easier than the 30’s. I think it’s partially due to the kanji being easier or more distinct, and partially due to these levels having fewer vocab that you mix up or have vague meanings that don’t translate well to English. And although the first 30 levels have more useful kanji than the last 30, I certainly wouldn’t stop early. There are still many kanji and vocab in these levels that I continue to encounter on a daily basis.


Wasn’t Wk originally made to have 50 levels?

If there are to be a point to halt I think it would be at 50




Tfw youre n5-n4 but know 80% of the kanji of n2


I’m not even learning Japanese.


If you’re around here you’re probably learning whether you want to or not haha

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I thought this was a card collecting game like digigathering.


I’d love to be in that position.
Borderline N3 here. Don’t even know half the kanji for N4. Lol

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I suspect it is nothing like any paradise I’ve ever imagined.

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I’ll admit, this level is quite hard.
Lots of kanji I should know, but when they come up out of vocab and with no context, its really difficult to remember them.
敬 as a case in point.
敬語 is a word i have absolutely no problem reading or understanding, 敬 on its own though, got it wrong every single time so far.

Admittedly I’m only half way out of Hell.


So far (after one whole level of paradise which hasn’t finished yet) I’d say it isn’t any better or worse than previous levels as far as the kanji themselves, though I always perk up when I learn an animal like a bee or firefly since those are fairly unambiguous. I think it does get more paradisiacal as you get near the end if only because I can read so much more than I could forty levels ago.

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@somatophobia: Thank you! Do the lessons not pile up if I only do reviews? I also want to review the items that are burned already, I am not so sure if I remember the burned items all. Do you have the impression that burned items are really burned into your brain, that you wont forget them? I doubt it in my case! :smiley:

@seanblue: Thank you, that is a useful information! Unburning is necessary I think. “bulk”(??) I have to look for it… Thanks, very helpful! :slight_smile:

@acm2010:Thank you for pointing out the self study quiz including the link! I didn’t know about it. I want to do KW as well, also when I have finished level 60 like you! Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Pamput: Thank you! Yes, you might be right, that I lose momentum. It’s good advice to study for a higher JLPT level than the one I am actually going to attempt. Yes, I will consider the suggestion by acm2010 sounds really good. Thanks!

@SleepyOne: Thanks, you’re the first one who answers my question about the Paradise level. It’s a relief to hear that it gets a bit easier or more distinct. I also still learned a lot of kanji between 30-38 that I encounter often. It’s true! Thanks! Good advice!

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