How often does Wanikani get new members?


Maybe you should add a “Through Tofugu” option as well?

I don’t know if you can add options at this point, though.


I came here after this site was recommended to me by someone in a chatbox at an anime streaming site.


I’m only at level 3, but your story is literally the same as mine. The guide has been great so far. I’m really focused on Kanji now, but once I get a little further I’ll continue into the grammar part.


I’m new! I started about 2 months ago. My account says over a year ago, but I just got on and tried for a bit and thought it was too slow and took a break from learning Japanese. I then came back and read up some more and figured there’s no way it could stay at that pace if this many people are using it, so here I am and happier than ever to be using it. I tried the RTK way and I personally don’t like it at all. Wanikani is great in helping me reinforce the kanji w/ vocab. I just hit level 7! Woo! I feel like the first 2 days of the levels are a bit much, and the end of the level is a bit slow, but I just use that as time to study grammar.


I gave my email for some Japanese advice thing or something and I randomly got an email asking me to sign up, I replied with something like “What the Hell, I didn’t sign up for advertisements”. Koichi then responds with something along the lines of “Sorry lol, but it IS an alright site”. Next thing I know I’m registered.


Like many others who have already commented, I found WaniKani through Tofugu.

I’ve known about Tofugu through their blog for a few years, but only recently decided to try out WaniKani as a kanji learning tool.

Either that or I’m actually from an egg laid by Koichi :egg:



I had been learning Japanese for 10 months and still didn’t have a very good way to learn kanji. Then I randomly found a link to WaniKani in a Tofugu article and I wish I had discovered it earlier.


A friend told me about wanikani 2 years ago but I somehow forgot to check it. I rediscovered it in January (and had a thought about my friend as the title was familiar to me). Though, I don’t remember how I got here. Probably I clicked on a link in one of the blogs about how to learn Japanese. Also, this time it was a perfect timing as I really wanted to dig into kanji learning. So Iguess I wouldn’t have had the same motivation 2 years ago.


I’ve been thinking very hard about where I learned of WaniKani, and this is the only thing I can think of. :thinking: I really have no recollection of learning about it for the first time.


I wish I remembered how I found this site because when I “discovered” this website and tried to register, it appeared that I already made an account a year prior and was pretty confused how that even happened


^ This happens to me so many times.:confused:


I specifically looked up kanji learning with vocab and found it lol. Like I went out looking for exactly WaniKani without knowing if it existed or not. Thankfully it does!


Well, I found out about WaniKani from :sweat_smile:


I can’t remember exactly. I’ve studied Japanese off and on in the past, and I watch a lot of YouTube at work. At a point last year I started watching more Japanese learning content and starting feeling that I should really be more actively studying. I settled on WK because it looked simple to do (no Anki DIY), and I could us it to replace a bad habit of compulsively playing puzzle games on my phone.


I was subscribed to the tofugu blog and koichi’s youtube channel yeeeeeears ago, and when they launched wanikani I was taking japanese in university and finding that kanji was my biggest weakness, so I signed up as a beta member and loved it. I had also tried anki and felt guilty for just not being able to get into it, but the gamification of wk and the way everything is already set up for you made it perfect.


I honestly don’t remember how I came to WaniKani. :man_shrugging:


We get a handful of introduction topics a day, and I assume not everyone makes one of those, so it’s a pretty regular stream of new users.

My question would be, how many users are quitting every day.


Anyone remember how Textfugu had those kanji anki decks and mnemonics, kind of like a proto WK? Reinforced enclosure vs. raptor cage and stuff!


I reckon most users couldn’t tell you themselves. One day they just unconsciously stop using the app, and forget to come back.

Only a handful get mad and consciously decide to quit or choose something else.