How often do you review your burned items?

As the topic title says. I feel like I should be constantly reviewing my burned items but is there a reason to not do this?

It consumes a lot of time for little actual benefit. The point of burned items, is that the time you should remember them for just fine is long enough, that you either see the word while immersing (which you should do) or if it’s rare enough, it will be put into your passive, recognition memory, which is perfectly fine for those cases.


Never, because the time spent doing that gets in the way of time I could be dabbing on the haters.


The reason would be that you’re just lv 9 and you have 51 levels to go. The first levels are especially common words and kanji that you might as well just use immersion to get a deeper connection to. Fret less about forgetting already learnt material, and just keep on learning. That’s my tip: you can use your study time more wisely.

And to practice acceptance that you will forget some things as that’s inevitable. :person_in_lotus_position:

Good thing is that once learnt, re-learning something is way easier and you can do that on the fly once you encounter those items in the wild. :slight_smile:


Never. If I’m going to see/review those words again, I want to see them in context. If I get it wrong then, I might consider adding it to my Anki if I know I have/will struggle with it.

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I recently came back after a long time away from studying Japanese and was looking through my burned kanji to see if there were any I should review, but pretty much everything I burned was all still solidly in my memory. By the time you get something to burned you pretty much remember it, so I don’t think you would need to do it often unless you were wanting to look over what you have learned so far.

Every day. That’s how often I read. If you mean on WK, never


I’m of the firm belief that if you need to review burned items you’ve done it all wrong and not gotten enough immersion, if that’s the case reviewing burned items is the worst use of your time.

The odd word here and there you forget is fine and natural, check it up and move on. No point in memorizing all the words on WK. WK should be a trampoline to get into japanese content. You can stay on the trampoline forever but you will never really progress.

Japanese is learned through content.


There ya go!


What if you build the circus around the guy who never leaves the trampoline, it’s already its own attraction.


Well damn…

Thanks so much everyone this is so helpful :pray: I love this community!


Funny enough I started a few weeks ago lol and I was like should I really be doing this. But at the same time for anyone who’s seeing this that’s new. Probably already stated here but, don’t take for granted that once you burn it on Wanikani that’s it or that you’ll never forget it. True enlightenment comes from letting go of the training wheels and fending for yourself in the real world. If you can do that then you’ve won. So personally I don’t think it’s a bad idea but don’t spend a lot of time doing it. Rather, pick up some real-world material and test your knowledge there.


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