Do you ever get re-quizzed on burned items?

The purpose of burning items is to indicate that they’re indelibly burned into your soul, but are they? I guess I can’t imagine forgetting how to spell car, or even dictionary, but is it the same sort of thing?

In your experience, are your burned items things that you can’t imagine ever forgetting?

Does this mean that if a Level 60 user keeps going, eventually they’ll just run out of reviews because they “know everything”?


A burnt item will never get requizzed, so yes a lvl 60 will eventually run out of reviews.

I don’t believe the idea of a burnt item is that you ‘know’ it, more that in your other studies, when you come across that kanji, you’ll be sort of close to recalling it. Also burnt items will often come up as part of other words, so WK will give you chances to study older items.


Yah, the idea is to keep using what you’ve learnt in the real world, otherwise it’ll leak out of your brain, just like everything else. Read stuff, basically.

There’s a script to un-burn words, if you’d like.


Gotta build The Ultimate WaniKani Ironman Challenge. An addon that quizzes you on every single radical, kanji, and vocabulary word you’ve ever learned. Can you break 90% accuracy on the dreaded level 60 mode?


Assuming you can answer each item in a second, and you get perfect accuracy (so, no having to do anything twice), being quizzed on everything in WaniKani would take a little over four hours and forty-five minutes.

You can go first. :slightly_smiling_face:


Only close to five hours of quite quick typing and recall? Sounds too easy, we need a challange, Like turning all the kanji upside down


Koichi has threatened to kick all the level 60s out of WK. Thus spake the Holy Crabigator’s Prophet.


This made me think about the idea of the WK team launching a handwriting “version” to learn how to write kanji. Sure, it’s not innovative at all. There are other programs out there. But I doubt it would be hard to maintain as a product, since Wanikani already has a system for kanji. I bet that a lot of users from WK would never even check other (free) resources and just use the program because it’s from WK.


raises hand


I use KaniWani with a handwrite keyboard. So that’s pretty much exactly what you’re talking about. Helps greatly because it updates your WK vocab lists. Unlike third party apps, you don’t need to add learnt Kanji manually :slight_smile:


Wanikani API → dump learned items to Anki, use stroke order plugin. I know it goes against the “hand writing is pointless argument”, but it’s much easier to know why 未 is not 末 when you learn to write.


You could pretty much do this already with the Self Study Quiz plugin.


I know this one!

Only 42,331 more questions to go!


And that 42332 questions includes Wanikani + Kaniwani modes.

I remember doing 800 items in one sitting once, and that was just Wanikani mode. I can’t imagine doing ALL of them. :scream_cat:


The synonyms alone would make it a pretty frustrating experience (I assume your script doesn’t handle these any better than kaniwani does).


You’re right, it doesn’t. It’s something I wanted to do, but ultimately decided I needed to spend time on other things. Maybe someday…

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