How often do you do the review a day?

I’m just getting a hang on how to level up faster, and it feels like I do review 3 times a day. I just study the kanji since it seems the kanji is what makes the level up. for the vocabulary, I don’t study except only through learning doing the review. I can get wrong and study throughout the review.


I do reviews twice a day. I do study Kanji equally hard as vocabulary since if it’s easy I’ll remember it immediately or through reviews if it’s hard. So it doesn’t really make a difference to me which I focus on.

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I would recommend taking the time to study the vocabulary as well. In some cases, the reading used is just the same as the readings you learned for the kanji when doing kanji lessons, in which case you can go over it quite fast. However in some cases, they’ll teach you a new reading entirely during vocabulary lessons, and in that case it’s important to know them.

As for how many reviews I get daily, I currently have somewhere between 120-180 per day, but I’ve been doing fewer lessons recently since I’ve been a bit busy. Usually I get between 150-200 on normal days. I tend to do one batch in the morning, one batch in the afternoon, and then dealing with the few reviews that remain in the evening. The amount of reviews you get is mostly dependent on how many lessons you do, so if you get overwhelmed (which a lot of people will later on), just do fewer lessons for a bit.


I do reviews and 20 lessons in the morning, then at least two more review sessions during the day.


Once a day, in the morning.


I try doing them every hour because I hate piles.




It is true that I have now become a slave to WK and against my better judgement, keep coming back all day to do reviews as they turn up (partly as a result of being stuck in the house while it rains in the dark outside… yes I am definitely part of the cult now) :grimacing: I use KaniWani as well but I kind of use that as a way of learning my vocab and I don’t mind too much what score I get (but I find it helps me do better on WaniKani). Theres’s some useless info for you.


Twice/three times a day. Today I haven’t been doing reviews for like 17 hours and I have now 212 reviews and I feel like I’m gonna throw up. :upside_down_face:


Twice a day, minimum, but I’ll sign in and do reviews and lessons mid-day when/if I have the time.

I’m totally with you about not studying the vocab and just doing the reviews. They are not controlling whether you level up or not, so it’s less important to get them right every time.

In the morning when I get up, at noon to do the lessons I’ve added to the pile, then again in the evening.

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I do lessons when I get up (6-7am) and then reviews hourly (capped at 10 items so if there is a little bit more then they will be pushed to next hour) - that way I have quite manageable hourly breaks that takes 2-3 minutes to do reviews and they tend to be spread more or less evenly (caveat: I do only 6 new lessons a day - I’m not in a hurry - and stick to it irrespectively if it’s radical/kanji/vocabulary)

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As much as my schedule allows for. Sometimes that’s coming back multiple times a day to do reviews as they come, other times I’m working all day and end up with a queue of over a hundred when I get home. Worse if I’m really tired and put it off until the next morning.

I am addicted to WaniKani, I do reviews almost every hour :sweat_smile:

I’ve been following the three times a day schedule I was advised to do since Level 4. :slightly_smiling_face: It works quite well for me since I know I have to put aside some time in those intervals but I can also do lessons earlier/extend the third review session a bit.

I’ve begun to interleave more vocabulary into the kanji lessons using the lesson filter script. After a disastrous level 15 where level 12 through 14 items all fell back into Apprentice, and for roughly 3 weeks I was watching my Apprentice count go UP despite daily reviews and no lessons, I decided that I needed to reinforce the kanji as I’m learning it and not just have a massive pile of vocabulary at the end of the level. Note that one of the factors here is I have to rate limit my lessons because it’s just impossible to keep up if I always do all my available lessons. No more than 10 a day. Many days none, very often 5. It all depends on what my Apprentice + Guru count is.

I do reviews whenever they appear (as long as I’m awake), because my daily schedule is flexible enough to allow that. However, it’s fine to do as few as ~2–3 review sessions a day as long as you hit the 4h and 8h reviews for your newest lessons fairly punctually.

I’m also in the habit of writing down new kanji on a paper notepad, along with any vocab items that have new readings, irregular readings, or non-obvious meanings.

I look at these occasionally throughout the day, as I find that works better for me than just waiting 4 hours and hoping I remember them. Then on the next day I move to a fresh page so that my 1-day and 2-day reviews still test whether I actually remember the items.

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I do them three times a day: with my morning coffee, after dinner (I also usually do 2 lesson here), and before bed.

I find the more often I do them, even if its only for ten minutes here…twenty minutes there…several times a day…the less they pile up. And I retain more from a little session ruminating over a handful of reviews than an hour of plowing through over a hundred reviews at once where it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. I can complete a Level in 8 days on average with this method, while keeping it to zero to three big sessions a day will stretch out my time to 12 grueling days on average. That time really adds up and is no fun.

When the Lessons come in, just don’t rush to do them all at once. Space them out as you space out your reviews. Bite size bits here and there. Check your reviews as often as you check your feeds and you’ll be good to go.

I do them as soon as they’re available. The complaint I often hear about this method is that people don’t have time, to which, I respond: you don’t need much time. If you break up you review sessions to perhaps get 10 reviews done everything five minutes of an hour or so you will find much easier to manage. If you’re in the middle of something, just wait until you finish (no longer than half an hour), do 5-10 minutes of reviews and go back to what you were doing prior.

I do them when I wake up, about 8 AM, and if I remember once before bed (8-9PM).

Perfect world: If I do lessons in the morning, then they come up for review at noon, and if I do them at noon, they come up again before I got to bed, but I rarely remember to do that and I do lessons most days, so they’re either on that schedule or they’re all over the place :joy: