1-5 reviews.. Review them or keep it?

What do you do when you have so few? Do you wait and mind your own business until the main wave comes or do you review them? And what’s better?

I don’t think it matters which you do.

I usually go through all my reviews (no matter how many or few) four times a day.


I personally don’t like my reviews scattered like that, so I only do 3-4 sessions a day, even if I have more time.

I review as soon as they are available- and check WK as many times as possible- up to 15-20 times a day.

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If I need them to level then I’ll do it as soon as possible. I prefer to clump up anything else on 4 hour intervals to stay on schedule and be a lazy sack of…

Is that how you got to level 13 on your WK signup anniversary?

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I think there are a few reasons you can have so few reviews at a given time, but the most likely is that they’re probably(?) ones you got wrong in the past, right? So it kind of makes sense to give them special attention, without being distracted by the ones you know well.

If they include kanji or radicals, I’d definitely do them as that controls your progress. If they are vocab it would be up to you, but if you have nothing else to do – then why not?

Level three was just that hard for me! Jokes aside, I reset after stopping to focus on the rest of my life (work, training, ect). Came back in Februrary/March with better planning and more time to learn Japanese.

Very nice, that’s definitely faster than mine. I was just giving you a hard time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like others said, if it’s radicals or kanjis that are controlling your progress, I’d definitely do them right away. However, if I see that I only have a few reviews, why not just do them since I’m in there anyway?

Also, I hate doing a ton of reviews at one time, so doing reviews whenever I happen to notice them is much easier for me. That being said, doing 3-4 sessions per day seem to be enough to keep them in relatively small batches.

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We’re almost twins! Kinda. (I purposely slowed down to 15 days per level.)

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It depends: if there is something else important I am supposed to be doing, then I usually do the reviews. Like now.

…not always, but you ever have those days when you just can’t get it together???


Every day?


If I’m about to level up or about to burn something then yes, I do the reviews. Otherwise it depends on my mood and time availability. But I do tend to like review pile zero and lesson pile zero, just like inbox zero.

It depends what they are… if they’re the handful of this current level’s radicals, then absolutely, I do them as soon as they’re there. I wait for them to appear to do them on time. Anything else? Meh.

Wait until level 10 or 20, and you should decide… when you have several hundreds.

I keep it, used to wait until more than 42 (AKA 42+). But now, I just follow the Ultimate Timeline.

Where do you find that Level Duration diagram? =)
I only know my average (7 days and 17 hours) It says so on my Allicrab app.

I like to do my reviews as soon as I’m able. I like that zero! =D
I have failed my lessons though, over Easter (304 XD ). Now I have to play catch up =P
Edit: 239! Had a good day :wink: (all vocab, also did 22 kanjis this morning)

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https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/ by rfindley

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Thanks! =D
Oh, that had several interesting stats and number, especially like the JLTP, Joyo, Frequency “This is what you now know” bars =)
Apparently my slowest level was lvl 2 O_o (10 days 12 hours)
No wonder the program felt slow at first, since I had so little to work on for that time ^^;
But if I’m able to keep my speed up I’ll finish within next year! Both according to best possible and hypothetical =)
Edit: looked again and realized it was lvl 60 by May and burn all by November! Wow, I will do my best!