Do you have a alarm for when reviews become avail?

long story but i wont bore anyone with it, basically im back on the grind and im not stopping this time but i feel like im taking forever to get to my reviews, Just wanted to hear some opinions and ideas about doing reviews in a timely manner. What is a timely manner? once a day when your done with everything else? Alarm clock and getting on them as soon as they become available? or just having a schedule as when you check and do reviews? i think i got lessons down but ill leave that for a latter time. Thanks guys and gals!

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I have a schedule based on the SRS timings:
8am for lessons and older reviews
noon for 1st review of today’s lessons + older items
7pm for review of older items
8pm for 2nd review of today’s lessons.

Edit: I do have alarms set for those times (except the last one because I’m still at my desk from 7pm)

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I didnt have an alarm for wanikani. I would just cram in reviews whenever during the day I had free time. Sometimes you just dont feel like reviewing but you have to push through it if you really want to progress.


I don’t have an alarm. I try to do lessons in the morning, reviews at lunch, and reviews again in the evening. Sometimes I miss one or two of those sessions but that’s life.

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I just do it whenever, I try and get WaniKani to 0 and then Bunpro to 0 as well…

I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded in getting them both to 0 on the same day, lol

Not really. If I go to work, in the bus I spend time with something on the phone (now: LingoDeer, previously DuoLingo and anki). Doing reviews one time per day seems a sure way to burn out once there are 100+ of them. I basically review 10-30 items when I take a breather from what I’m doing.

I have a calendar reminder for my 1pm and 9pm reviews. It’s pretty helpful for times when I fet absorbed into something and forget about WK.

As for lessons, I just do them after waking up, so no need for reminders.

I think twice a day 12 hours apart works well, ideally one of those having some free time 4 hours after as well.

So for me, it’s usually 6am when I get up for work, and 6pm after I get home from work (though that has kind of gone out the window a bit with the current world situation). If I take on new lessons at 6am I have to be cognizant of the first - IMO very important - review coming up at 10am. Or if I take lessons at 6pm then I have to get in that first review at 10pm right before bed.

Then beyond that the rest of the review times for the card will be in some multiple of 12 or 24 hours so it’ll flip flop between your two set review times.

Not sure if I explained that well. But it makes it easy and you hit those first few important reviews right on schedule.

You can use a notifier extension but may not get supported once V2 switches over:

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