How much effort do people put in?


I review once a day… Usually. I don’t mind skipping a day or two. I can get through 600 reviews in just over an hour, so it’s not so bad.


Which app are you using?


there is an official WaniKani app on the Google Playstore.


6 0 0 r e v i e w s.
Mate, you have super powers.


None of the apps are official. But they’re nice nonetheless.


I do lessons (and any random reviews) in the morning, and then again at lunchtime and in the evening. So I use WK three times a day, hitting the 4-hour and 8-hour marks roughly.

I’d say the reviews take probably around an hour in the evenings, and lessons (plus reviews) in the morning about half an hour. The lunchtime session is literally a couple of minutes.


I do reviews in the morning and evening. I try to keep my apprentice items around 100 by doing more lessons if I’m under 100 and holding off on new lessons if apprentice items are over 100. This keeps my reviews from getting out of hand.

I usually run somewhere between 50-120 reviews at a time. When my backlog is large, I’ll use reorder script to divide up the reviews into bite-sized chunks and complete them while watching Netflix. Mentally, I have an easier time working my way through four batches of 30 reviews rather than one big batch of 120 reviews, even though it works out to the same thing.


I’m very busy at the moment with working full time and parents visiting but I still do all my available reviews in the morning, then when I come home after work and once again before I go to bed. I do kanji lessons as soon as they appear and all my available vocab lessons the day after.


I always think it’s funny when people use that spaced style of writing on this forum, without using actual full-width alphanumeric symbols, which are available in any Japanese IME, since that is whence it originated.


Indeed, it gets more interesting in higher levels since by then the script will have more similar items you show you. This will force you to actually identify the differences.

Oh, you’ll definitely will :muscle::sunglasses:

A lot of people have tried to find a pattern, but at the end of the day, it’s a hit or miss. What worked for me was constant repetition of the right answer in a short interval of time. Something like this script:


I do it three or four times a day, depending on how much time I have. That gives me a chance to refresh any items I might’ve had wrong because of typos (especially common if I’m doing reviews on phone) and keeps the reviews under control.

It also gives me a good number of reviews to do, since to be honest I hate doing only six or seven at the time… give me at least fifteen items or give me death!


I do reviews on average twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

My impression is that on average I’m doing around 200 reviews a day in order to keep the queue to zero. I do lessons as soon as they appear, but if there are too many I will spread them over two or three days.


WK for WaniKani


So that’s it’s origin, huh? Interesting. Now you’ve got me into reading wikipedia pages about coding language…


Nowhere near a higher level yet, but I try to WK at least three times a day or so. Sometimes more, sometimes just once or twice.

I mostly don’t want large review queues to pile up in the next day. Though, if I’m so tired that I’m making loads of needless/careless mistakes, I’ll wrap up the session and just deal with it the next day, when I have a clearer mind.

And of course WK is just one part of my Japanese study regime. ^^