How much does it set me back to miss a review once?

It’s a little discouraging when I miss a review because I’m so confident in the reading, that I type it quickly and then find out I’m wrong because of a typo.

It sucks more because meaning reviews do recognize typos but reading ones don’t.

I know the simple answer is to just slow down and double check, but then again, I tend to do that, but sometimes you just know a word very well and just instinctively type it fast, especially with a physical keyboard.

But back on topic, I’ve seen that at least for Apprentice, missing a review sets you back a sub-level. But does it also accelerate the following reviews for that item so you can get back on track? Or does it keep the same pace?

WK either promotes or demotes an item based on whether you get it correct or incorrect. So if an item is at Apprentice 3 and you get it incorrect, it gets demoted to Apprentice 2 and now has the SRS interval for Apprentice 2. It does not accelerate the time.

There are some userscripts that some people use that allows them to undo typos on the spot, you can check those out if you want.

What Ryosuke said, but at guru and above items get demoted two levels for 1 mistake, and a level more for every mistake on that same item after that.

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It happens to all of us. I wouldnt stress out about it too much. Its a long journey in the end.


What do you mean ‘it does not accelerate the time’? Shouldnt it then be on the Apprentice 2 time schedule? Or does it somehow stay on the Apprentice 3 review schedule? I’m confused now you’ve said this because I thought the times would adjust accordingly.

The OP asked if the time would be accelerated so they could “get back on track”, which to me sounds like using an altered SRS interval to speed things up. I replied that it would use the appropriate SRS interval for that item after it was demoted.

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Oh ok, I thought that was the case.

In terms of how far it’s going to set you back on your current level, it depends on the item. If you’re reviewing an item from another level that’s already Guru or above, it won’t set you back at all (just getting too many wrong too often will eventually make your review count go up). If it’s a kanji or radical from your current level, it’ll set you back a certain amount of SRS stages (It might be 3, I’m honestly not sure. 2-4 I’d bet.) There are a few stages within Apprentice, so It won’t make it like a new item again if you’re on Apprentice 4.

With total time on level, some items are much more important than others. Make an effort to review your radicals as soon as they come up and get as few wrong as possible to unlock the rest of the kanji. It seems like a lot, but it’ll reduce your time on level for hours, if not days. Meanwhile, the kanji can be wrong several times without affecting your time on level at all (as long as you can finish them before you finish the new kanji). You can speedrun reviews, just be sure to regognize the “important” items from your current level. Those are the radicals and whichever set of kanji are on the lowest SRS stage. With those, every hour you put off reviews is an hour added to your total, and every time you get one wrong you’re setting yourself back. (You have 2 or 3 kanji “grace” each level though).

Also, download an answer override script. Sometimes I hit enter twice and miss my chance to override so the problem still exists but it’s a huge help with typos and synonyms.

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