"how many times"

Hey yall, quick question.

What’s the difference in usage between 何回 and 何度 ? I know 何度 can also be used to mean “how often” but is that the only difference? Are these entirely interchangeable?

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I can’t speak properly to the actual difference, so I’ll leave that to someone with more knowledge that will surely come along soon, but at least where I live in Japan 何度 is almost never used this way. I’m not saying it can’t be, just that in my area everyone says 何回、もう一回、一回目 etc. and saying もう一度 was one of the first things I was “corrected” on when I got here. In my general understaning, you can use 回 in most (if not all) cases, and will be wrong infinitely less often than the alternate.


I think that 何度 is really only used for temperatures (more of the “how many degrees” meaning than the “how many times”) and like Houndstooth先輩 everyone around me just uses the 回 versions for frequency statements. I rarely hear 度 at all except for when people are reporting their temps in our morning checks and the one teacher that says もう一度 instead of もう一回 (who I think is from another prefecture, so maybe it’s a dialect thing?).


I hear people use 何度も to mean “many times” without any reference to temperature. But usually not 何度 on its own.


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