How many people burn every WaniKani item after 60?

I’m curious what others here do after they hit 60. I imagine a lot drop off as the review queue stops filling. My bar looks like this:

And while I spend a lot of my time building and using KameSame, I’d also love to say that I burned every WK item.

That said, the remaining 300 items are mostly leaches (逃す vs 逃がす) or words I’ll never use. I only have 50-80 reviews per week at this point, and other than 3 year long WaniKani addiction I’m wondering why I keep straining to finish them all, when every failure just consigns me to another six month minimum of SRS timers.


I am also curious about this. I imagine when I hit 60 I will reset eventually to keep things fresh but not sure.


I burned everything! :slight_smile:


i want to but im lAzY



I originally planned to burn everything but I officially quit doing reviews a month ago Tuesday. The grind had stopped being fun and it was kind of demotivating me – plus I realized that the time I was spending on WaniKani would be better spent reading. I’ve considered popping back in every now and then to whittle down the review stack (currently I have 939 items due) but currently it’s not a priority.


[But really, just go out into the world and use Japanese. You’ll remember what matters as you use it.]


Doesn’t answer your question but I can share a mnemonic that worked for me on these: The one that is pronounced “nogasu” has “no が” kana in it. So if I see no が then I read “nogasu”. Therefore 逃す = nogasu. And the other one is the other reading, so 逃がす = nigasu. Does it make sense? Sorry if it just confuses you more @_@


Also, you’ll eventually have so few items on WK that you’ll just remember them from being the last one around. (That does not really help when seeing them in the wild afterward, though).


I stopped doing reviews a few days after finishing the level 60 lessons. I used to pay monthly too, so burning everything wasn’t really an option.

I feel I’d do the same even with lifetime though. After those lessons were done it felt way more meaningful to me to just study some more grammar and read more native material.


I kinda wanted to because it would be pretty damn satisfying I imagine, but then it just started feeling less and less relevant and less and less like a good use of my time so I quit after a few months.

I’ve been keeping on using anki in various ways though, but only like 10-20 minutes a day.


Lol I was just thinking about this the other day. And while I’m way too low level to worry about this yet, I imagined that I would either try to get everything to Master or whittle it down to ‘only XX items left’.
Definitely won’t have enough patience to burn everything.


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