When shoud you stop using Wanikani?

Hi, everyone!

I have finished Wanikani about a month ago, I passed 4000 burned recently, and to be honest I am a bit burned out.(lol)
I didn’t have time to read much due to my other duties, so Wanikani was my primary reading source. I don’t really see myself burning 9000 items and my Guru and Apprentice items are below 500 so I don’t really know what should I do with Wani Kani.
I’m writing this because in a few months I will have very little spare time, and I want to make the most out of it, while preparing for N3.
From now on I plan to read a lot but cannot do it while doing Wani Kani.
So yeah the question is: When should/will you stop using Wani Kani?

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having one more SRS tool to use cannot hurt, I think it is more about when it stops being useful to you rather than deciding a specific point to stop.

That’s up to you, but i’d say stop using it when the time investment in it is so low that it doesn’t make much of a difference anymore. The time investment being high automatically means that there still are a lot of items on lower levels.

And btw: you didn’t “finish” Wanikani, you only reached the highest level.

Instead of quitting it completely why not just minimize the time you spend on it? No one says you have to do only one thing at a time, so why not spend most of the time reading, and if you have some spare - do the WK reviews? :blush: I think while you still have items that are not burned, it doesn’t make sense to quit WK completely - you might end up forgetting about the kanji you have in your apprentice or guru list and then a few months later you might become one of those people who lower their level because the no longer remember the material they learned last ‘~’

Because maybe he doesn’t want to pay indefinitely for something he won’t use much?


My plan is to go > 8000 Enlightened. I won’t wait 4 months for Burning. This is also because there are a few more than 8000 items in WaniKani.



I am unsure when I will stop. I will probably aim for getting everything burned. As my items move up through the SRS levels, I will be able to use WK less and less. Giving me more time to focus on other aspects of Japanese study. I still have alot of lower SRS levels to get through, so I have a while yet.

I’ve also “stopped” in order to focus on other things (more reading/listening and prep for the December N3) – but only lessons. I’m still doing reviews.

I figured level 51 (the end of WK’s “main” content) was a good place to pause for a bit and clear out my queues. As of now I get under 100 reviews a day (which is like NOTHING compared to the last year and a half).

After N3 in December, I’m going to finish the last ten levels and burn everything. Even after burning everything I can imagine the site continuing to be incredibly useful… it contains hundreds of my own mnemonics, and I regularly use rfindley’s self study script to review.

Also, nice people here :slight_smile:

So given the choice to do a lifetime subscription, for me I don’t see any reason to ever abandon WK completely.

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Anyone willing to tell me what N3 is/means? I’m new here(as you can probably tell).

You’ve already sold your soul to the Crabigator so you can’t leave now.


This refers to one level/difficulty of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). N5 is the easiest/least difficult, and moves up to N4, N3, N2, N1 (N1 being the most challenging).

More info here:

Thanks for the quick reply, learn something new every day.


Get the lifetime subscription people… I would not have subscribed if that wasn’t an option. If you’re going to invest 18 months of your time in it, you might as well go for the full package.

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I would if I could afford it without trouble, for sure. Well, at least I feel that way now. After going through the first three free levels, I’ll try this out a month at a time for a while to see if it really really is for me. At that point I’d have to decide if an annual subscription would be something to consider, or even lifetime.

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Thanks for the tips people. I will use it until my subscription runs out and decide later.
I might cut back on the daily doses too.

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