How many leeches is healthy?

Hi all,
I have the Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown App and I’d like to know how many leeches people usually have? Thanks!

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I don’t think there’s really a number for it. I usually prefer to see if my accuracy stays up. Usually a big part of the items we get wrong are our leeches after all. So I always try to give a quick review in the summary page after reviews.

But reviewing leeches is always a good thing imo. Here’s which scripts I use:

You can review them every day or choose one day that you have more free time. I used to do the former but now I do the latter. It’s one less worry to have every day.

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I love how you keep recommending the leech filter that I built even though I’m too lazy to use it myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m your #1 fan :heart_eyes:


zero leeches is healthy. leeches are faulty memories that don’t stick because they’re flawed. fix whatever is wrong with them… what the problem is, however, isn’t always obvious :confused:

I disagree. You don’t have to understand every word you ever encounter. Leeches are more a problem in WaniKani because they waste your time.


not understanding everything means you’re still learning. that’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s not what you’re ultimately shooting for, is it? :wink:

Those scripts are incredibly useful. I just went through about 50 leeches (from Guru up to Enlightened - don’t ask) and I feel like I know them just a little bit better now. I think I’m going to do this every 1-2 days now to see if this fixes my leech count. Thank you very much!

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I have this dream where one day I’ll convince the Wanikani team to allow users to add already learned items to the lessons. This way, we’ll be able to put the leeches back to lessons and have a new opportunity to relearn them from the very beginning. That will solve so many problems.



Yes and no. People use words in English sometimes that I don’t understand. Sometimes that’s an opportunity to learn more. Other times I don’t care because the word’s not important to me. It’s all case by case.

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I wished I kept a running tally of the English words WK has taught me.

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If such feedback has already been provided in the Community somewhere, then please do point me at it so I can give it a <3 to hopefully nudge it up the potential to-do list for the WK devs. :smile:

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Hum, maybe replying to this post from Koichi? :grin:

I can tell you’re not a medieval doctor. :slightly_smiling_face:


It would appear that of 2041 total items I have 36 leeches. But I only just installed the SRS Dashboard script, not entirely sure how to see what the leeches are.

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