How many "KANJI" can you review per minute?

I just want to say that I was testing how fast I could do the reviews, hence I started to get curious about the other users speed on doing the same thing.

Today, my review speed was about 2.26 reviews per minute, that’s 135 reviews per hour😕

What do you guys think about that? Any piece of advice for me?


Depends on what the review material is and if I’m on a phone or on my pc.
Last time I sorta checked, on a phone doing reviews I mostly knew I could easily achieve a review every 10 seconds at most, probably more even. On a PC my typing speed is faster a bit, so that’s another factor.
Were you spending a lot of time just thinking about the mnemonic or what it could be? I’ve found it way faster to lean heavily on the image recognition part of your brain. I definitely never spend more than fifteen minutes on 100 reviews.


Maybe I´m thinking too much about the mnemonics

As far as I see (not sure if that’s the intended method), the mnemonics are there as a crutch when you
forget the meaning and can’t get it from context. Otherwise it’s way too slow, you can’t waste 5 seconds even thinking about a silly little story every single word while talking.

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if my heatmap gives correct times, then my average speed is around 5.5 reviews per minute, one review being reading and meaning.
i guess it depends on how willing you are to mark something as wrong, that you don’t recall quick enough, but maybe would have if you thought about it longer.
i just move on if i don’t figure it out in 10-15 seconds or so, take the hit to the srs level and read the mnemonic again.

when the review comes up, i say both the meaning and reading in my thoughts to myself, regardless of which i’m doing, just to always reinforce that connection. (or whisper them, say them out loud, atleast one of them.)
i personally rely heavily on the mnemonics, but try to simplify them as much as possible, rather than telling myself the story i read in the mnemonics when doing reviews, i try to remember them as one image or a short little video in my head, i don’t really know how to explain this, but the recall is pretty instantaneous.


In my experience, I take about 15 minutes for 100 reviews, but I’ve also noticed that I got faster as I progressed through WaniKani


so… you suggest I start work more on visual memory from now on?

I’ll try to make it, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

uhh, nice explanation!

I think I’ll follow suit

how do you recall the meaning and the reading during the reviews?

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It depens a lot on whether the replys come easily or not. I think It takes me about 40minutes to do 100 reviews on average. The longer the review cue, the slower I get. I usually prefer to take longer and get them right, I get the most pleasure when I can’t remember a kanji at first and I get it after some thought.


Some people write a random answer if they don’t recall the correct one in the first e.g. 5 seconds. I also used to do that and I think it’s quite efficient. If it takes me a minute to recall something I definitely need to review it more.

If you fail the items fast the review sessions become much shorter too because in my experience trying to recall items I almost forgot eats up a lot of time.


I have the same feeling, but I guess I need to work on review speed, since I don´t want to spend 2 hours doing the reviews everyday. (if there are 200+ reviews)

My goal is to spend 1 hour (at most) doing the reviews and try not to overwhelm myself with WaniKani

It takes me an hour to do 60 reviews, feels like… Especially when I’m on that one right after the lesson… But I’m not really tracking my time. If I have 30 reviews, I feel good if I get done in less than 30 minutes.

Seems like lately, I always have 200+ reviews… I’m constantly disturbed by duties and daily routine… That takes me 2-3 hours.

I’m a pretty smart person, and pretty serious about the studies. I don’t worry visual or audible cues or having seen the word “around town”… WHATEVER “gets it done”, ya know?

The point of the process is… It WILL get into my brain and my recall WILL improve… So I let the SRS “do the work”…

I always say both meaning and reading in my head, and the Mnemonic if I need help, or it makes me laugh. I usually type the reading first (then have to delete and put meaning half the time). And if I’m not sure or I sense that I’m confusing it with something else, I go into Google translate and figure out what that similar kanji is and look at them side-by-side and think a while.

Unfortunately… It just can’t go “like clockwork” for me! The heat map 5.5 complete reviews (both meaning and reading) average per minute statistic mentioned above surprised me… But I can only do what I can do, and I’m learning A TON…

頑張って、InazukaBoss! I’m rooting for you!!

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thank you

I understand that slowly we go further and that´s a great way to perceive how our brain works but the problem is that I really don´t want to spend 2 hours doing reviews, that´s a lot!!!

If couldn’t manage to do reviews faster for a while, I’ll follow your advice and get the things done. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I did it some minutes ago and it was like this:

Every review I put an alarm to set off every 15 seconds, when I didn´t know the answer I wrote a random answer too.

It was fast, but I committed several mistakes and definitely, it was not overwhelming.

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Right now, I am able to do around 500 reviews within one hour or so. I am used to it, though. It will happen to you, too!
PS: not on WK, on anki!


Great, I think there’s a script to do the timer automatically for you.

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some I just know immediately, some I have to think.
Sometimes I make a typo, and have to correct it.
On my phone is a bit slower than on my laptop.
So, I really have no idea what’s an ‘average’ for me.
I’m just happy I get to 0 reviews at the end of the day.

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Most of the time I either know it looking at the kanji or I don’t. With similar looking kanji, I look at the parts that make them different (粉,紛,枌,衯 for example). Are you already using kanji outside of spaced repitition systems (by reading books for example)? Perhaps that might help in getting faster


I’m only level 4, but I never thought about that and just did a test, turns out I did 18 reviews (kanjis I started learning) in 1min30secs. I could thus round that to 20 reviews each 2 minute, so 600 per hour.
I’m guessing I won’t be that efficient after a while when both new stuff and old will come, but, if I may, 2.26 per minute does sound “slow”. Since the goal (I surmise) is to be able to read kanjis in a text and listen to them and understand them on the spot, I’m not sure this speed is fast enough, unfortunately. At least the meaning should be known in less than a second when reading a kanji.

The point isn’t to speedrun Wanikani or anything, rather the opposite : perhaps you’re going through the levels too fast ?
Again, I’m only level 4 so certainly not on a 先生 position or anything, but I’m posting nonetheless because another explanation would be that you’re hindered by the mnemonics ? Personally I never use them as they are a waste of my memory, wrtiting kanjis with the correct stroke order and going deeper into them (looking them up in jisho and kanjidamage) is what helps me actually knowing them by heart. My point is that just because mnemonics are a tool offered by this website does not mean you HAVE to use them.

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