How many daily reviews do you do?

To find out, go to and divide the total review count by the day count. In my case, I’ve done 117409 reviews over 337 days, so that’s around 348 reviews per day.

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Around 175,

that’s my max, above that I feel mentally tired because I also have daily immersion so I dont necessarily need to do so many reviews anymore.

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Or install the heatmap. :slight_smile:

While now a bit diminished since it can’t count reviews done on different devices, just the one you installed the script on (correct me if this has changed @kumirei), you can know exactly how many reviews or lessons you’ve done on each day. :slight_smile:

A median is just that. It doesn’t really tell me much about how things change across doing the whole of the WK race. Like, you doing more reviews or less.

Another great script is of course the Workload script by @rwesterhof that really gets down to point:

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I would love to use the heat map, but I do reviews on like 3 different devices, so I don’t think it would be quite useful. I wish they would fix the API already…


This isn’t a bug. It’s is a fix. They’ve stopped supporting this, to enhanced the back-end realities on their side. I can’t say more than they’ve already posted about it, but it’s an intentional change.

I know that it’s intentional, but didn’t they say that it was a temporary solution? I know they said that they’re working on some sort of compromise.


I must have missed that one. They created their version of a self-study and creating other ways to do extra study on failed items. But, I might have missed where they’ve said they’d provide changes to the API to give support for these types of scripts. :thinking:

This is the post I was talking about. I must have misremembered, as it doesn’t exactly say what I said, but it still gives me hope that they’ll figure out a solution in the future.

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I get both perspectives on this. While I love having this extra feedback on my own reviewing past, I’m not sure how that actually fuels any sort of actual effort during reviewing what’s here and now? It’s more like a self-brag kind of thing really. It’s good for motivation. There are other aspects for sure - accountability for those that like that. But all in all, I get that’s not what these developers are focused on. If someone else makes those things happen with their scripts, they’ll support it, but only so far.

At least that’s my reading of the whole thing. It’s not a solution for what you asked for, but just some thoughts.

At the end of the day, I must say that I DO love the Heatmap, @kumirei because it gives me the ability to remember what I’ve done over these years - which I defo would have just blurred up in my memory by now.

Comparing stuff is of course some fun, but it is actually also influencing how I’m trying to do stuff differently and the Heatmap is majorly instrumental in that effort!

@Mods just some thoughts on the subject of allowing the API to be able to ask for full knowledge about done reviews, across different devices. I might have miss-represented the issue though, and I’m also sure you’re already talking with @kumirei so I’ll just leave it at that.

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I think it depends a lot on each person - I find having my past reviews in a graph like Kumirei’s heatmap extremely useful to keep me motivated, and therefore more likely to do more reviews etc. Without it I can’t see a quick and easy visualization of how many reviews I’ve done today vs the last few days and am much more likely to drop it for the day after only a few reviews. I do get that the devs are probably supporting legacy code etc. but I really do think they could, and should, make the effort to improve their databases to make this possible again, which would not only fix the API but also I imagine improve their site performance overall.

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We are not talking here about whether every user should have this info. this is about the changes to the API that stopped a lot of scripts from working due to they needing to congregate and compare data from multiple devises that the users used each day.

If you don’t want this info, never install a script.

There are uses to both states of mind, but right now, to use Kumirei’s Heatmap, you need to consistently just use one device for your lessons and reviews.

There are other scripts I guess, that can’t count stats anymore as well. Like @rwesterhof’s script?

Exactly - my point is I do want that info, in response to you saying

I’m saying that for me for example, having that feedback of previous reviews in previous days (from across my devices) does fuel a lot of extra effort into doing my reviews. So from that point of view, it is important functionality that’s been removed by the devs. I know they can’t officially support scripts etc. but I am disappointed that they’d remove such an important part of the API (including from paid lifetime users who can’t choose to just stop subscribing to WK), say they were working on it, and then just not mention it again.

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I don’t think they’re talking to anyone


I started Wanikani 7 years ago, did it regularly for about 2 years, then went on a 3+year-break, and am now slowly getting back to it, overwhelmed by hundreds of reviews in the backlog. :sweat_smile: Still, the app says a total of 71736 reviews over 2800 days, which amounts to 25,62 reviews per day. Considering the long break, I would’ve thought it was even fewer. :grin:


About 186.

Usually have 50-70 in the morning, and another 50 in the evening.

Hi ekg! Thanks for your feedback on this. I’ll be sure to share it with the team.


I’m at 172. I do them as they come in within 6 hours, but I’m still pretty new :melting_face:

I think on average I was doing anywhere from 120-150 a day but it was spread out with 15 new words in the morning. So it felt like 80-100 a day. (I know the math doesn’t add up, it’s just a rough estimate of what I was doing when I was doing WK)