View Lessons Completed Per Day

Is there some way that I can view the number of lessons I have completed today? I want to hold myself to X lessons per day, but I spread them out over the course of the day so sometimes I forget how many I’ve done. I didn’t see any way to do it with the basic wanikani interface, and I couldn’t find a script to do it either.

Any ideas?


I think this is the script that you are looking for:

There are also some useful information besides what you need so I hope this helps. Be sure to say hi to @Kumirei.
all the best!


This looks great! Thank you @Kumirei and @rfindley for making this possible.


ukKr5 You can see how many lessons/reviews (as well as which lessons and reviews) you did on any given day by hovering or clicking the day in the heatmap


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