How good is the upcoming lifetime promotion?

Hey everyone. I’m close to be level 3 so there is decent chances that’ll be done with level 3 once the lifetime promotion starts, but how good is it? I want to know if I should wait to buy the lifetime or get it right away? ありがとうございます!


Hi @CvxFous! Welcome to WaniKani!

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I just got the email myself from Koichi and I have been waiting for the sale since I got out of the free levels months ago (earlier this year)! :grimacing:

I am not one of the speedster-levelers so getting lifetime is the way to go for me. Check how fast you are going and estimate what time you will finish and see if lifetime makes sense for you. Some users find it cheaper to do two annual memberships, others prefer lifetime because they are slower. You will have to do the calculations since I am not sure what your current life situation is and how fast you are going through the levels.

Best of luck and hope to see more of you in the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:



It usually is a 50% discount. You should wait for it. I got mine in the same situation you are now.


It is usually reduced from $299 to $199, so is well worth waiting for. If you want to keep using WaniKani in the meantime, I would buy a month’s subscription; any remaining time will be taken off the cost of lifetime pro rata.


I’ve got an email a few days ago. It’s a 100$ discount, so I guess it will cost 199$ :woman_shrugging:


It isn’t 50% though :slight_smile: It’s 100$/299$ = ~33.4%


In my opinion, getting lifetime on promotion is worth it, even for the speeders.

It feels very comfortable knowing that you have all the time you want to review the content. A lot of people can’t be consistent and end up resetting, and others will probably want a refresh from kanji later on their Japanese studies. Even in the top 5% that actually reaches level 60, they certainly take more than 1 year to accomplish it. Not to mention that you’ll take another year or so to burn all items (which is actually finishing WK).


If you are a speedster you don’t want that. :rofl:
I was going to get lifetime but thinking twice about it, if I am year to year that would give me a deadline to be done.

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FYI @jprspereira is the speedest of speedster


I know lol. Read his thread and got my level up time down to 7-8 lol


I see this argument a lot, and I will counter by saying that if you do lose momentum at some point, or take an unexpected break, and then your membership expires, then you have a whole new host of mental (and financial) barriers to get you back on it. I lost major momentum for a few months, but knowing that I had a lifetime membership meant that when I finally did come back to WaniKani, I was totally fine to reset back 20 levels and start over. It’s hard to predict the next year/year and a half of your life, and a lifetime membership means you can stick to it!


It depends on the person. To me, knowing how many more words I was learning by going faster was the key motivator. In general, I feel like having momentum in studying and free time to do it are the biggest conditions. I agree with @raephe overall :smiling_face:


Also, maybe one day we’ll get level 61 and more? I heard the N1 and Joyo aren’t fully covered yet.

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They are adding new kanji and words once in a while. That being said, I wouldn’t expect them to ever cover the full “N1” list. That list is unofficial, by the way, and seems based on the analysis of the full texts of old tests. So that means that those kanji aren’t only those that show up in kanji questions, but also those that are used in names and have furigana in the actual test. As such, that list is pretty useless. The test won’t ask you anything beyond joyo.

Also, by the time you are level 60 on WK, there are so few joyo kanji left that you may as well learn them by yourself (if they haven’t been added in the meantime, considering it will take you almost a year at least to get there).

Tl;dr: I wouldn’t worry about that.


Don’t worry I’m not worrying, just chatting :slight_smile: (also a year? More like 1.5 or 2 years unless I’m speeding like crazy)

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Thats not much of a discount now, when we suddenly have to pay in pounts…


Oops :grin:


Is the discounts targeted? I haven’t got any email from Koichi :frowning:

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They aren’t :slight_smile: They’ll probably do an announcement on the forums soon enough ^^

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Apparently it was only sent out to “veterans”. Not sure what the requirement was, maybe lvl 4+? i was lvl 19.