To Lifetime or Not to Lifetime

I just looked at WaniKani stats website, and it has me taking three years to complete WaniKani at my current speed. That is a big woah for me. Mostly because I was going to do a monthly subscription. Now is the time to consider the Lifetime subscription since it is on sale. I have been considering it, but don’t know about the 200 dollars all at once. It is the best deal in the long run, but I don’t want to regret not doing it and paying monthly for two years. I know it seems like a no brainer to some people, but to people who don’t have a lot of money or who are on a budget it is.
Any advice for people on a budget whether to do the lifetime or not?


If you’re very certain you are gonna stick with WaniKani, I would say go for a lifetime. It’s gonna be worth it. Conversely, if you’re not 100% sure, testing the waters with a monthly subscription might be the better option.


Lifetime has been worth it for me. I’m slow to begin with, and taken a number of lesson breaks to put focus elsewhere. Saved me a ton of money in the end. I’m already past the non-sale price of lifetime vs yearly, and only halfway done.
All depends on how dedicated you are (to stick with it, not speed), and what you’re theoretical speed will be. Can you get to the end at less than cost of lifetime, or would lifetime be a better long term deal?


Last year I was in a similar position. I was in the middle of the free levels and I didn’t know yet if it was worth the money, so I ended up with a yearly subscription because it seemed like it was the best deal (special sale, around 40$ when I got it).

I would also recommend to get a monthly subscription if you’re not entirely sure that WK is the right thing for you. For me lifetime from the start would have been the better option because I’m on the slow side. But I didn’t know that at the time and the risk of “loosing” a good chunk of your money if you don’t like it was also too high.



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i’d get lifetime, but i’ll have to buy a new pc now and won’t be able to.
gonna go with a year’s sub instead.

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I don’t know what you should do, but I will say that a lifetime subscription has been perfect for me because it allowed me to take over a year off and then come back without worrying about paying more, and it allows me to stay at my own pace, which fluctuates quite a bit depending what else is happening in my life.

So for those reasons and a few others, I feel lifetime is worth it. But ultimately only you can decide whether it’s a good idea for you


How much do you like it, and how likely are you to stick with it? How much will you miss the money if you spend it now… how much of a strain will it put on your finances, and for how long? Is there something else you can give up for a few months to free up the money for it? (Cable, Netflix, …?)

For me it has been worth it. I spent over a year on my initial run up to level 40-ish, then had to give it up for a while because life. Came back and did another run to level 11, and now I’m back for my third try. Learned through experience that I need to take it slow (at least 10 days per level) which means it will probably take me at least 20 months to get through it.

I like knowing that I can take my time with it, without having to worry about how much more it’s costing me. (Although maybe that time/money pressure helps some people stick with it and study harder to get it done… doesn’t work that way for me, though.)

I’ve tried other methods, but I’ve found WK to be an indispensable part of my studies. It’s not perfect, but used in conjunction with other materials, it’s very effective and useful.


I want to do WaniKani. I feel like a mnemonic device system is good and works for me. I love Japanese enough to stick with it, trust me. But I also have a busy life with two little kids, so I am a bit on the slower side, even though I do reviews throughout the day.


I want to stick with it, no matter my personal pace and how long it takes.


I find WaniKani works for me because it is not just memorization, but mnemonics. Mnemonics have always worked for me, even as a teen. I want to stay with it, and eventually add in grammar and reading. I don’t know how long it will take me at this current speed. I have a busy life, so being bale to go at my own pace has been pretty great.


Then I say go for it!


Well in that case I would also say go for it, if your financials allow it of course. :smiley:


I’m happy with my decision to do WK in two yearly subscriptions, but I had a coupon which saved money on the subscription rate and I think that may no longer be available. I also planned on finishing WaniKani within two years (meaning burning all or most items), and almost a year in, I still think that’s possible for me. Accomplishing that does mean you need to reorganize your life around a WaniKani schedule to some degree.

If you think you’ll stick with WaniKani till the end but your life is busy, as I imagine it would be with two small children(!), then getting the lifetime subscription makes perfect sense.

I really think it’s the best way to learn kanji, so if that’s your interest, then by all means do it! The sale price comes around only once a year, so if you’re at level four now, it’s the perfect time.


I think I am going to do it. I just told my husband and he said yes. I couldn’t believe that… So, I may be a Lifetime Durtle.


I love lifetime accounts. If Satori Reader had lifetime option I’d buy it today. Unfortunately, they don’t. So I stay a free user for the time being.


Agreed, subscriptions aren’t very nyaaaice


I have also just joined the lifetime club but have no real point in commenting other than for others to notice I have indeed done so…

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Seriously though, like greenfire life is full of responsibility. I have a young babby a full time job and will certainly be taking longer than two years to complete this. I smashed through the first nine levels but have slowed to a near glacial pace since switching my current focus to some basic grammer. The lifetime membership is part paid for as an Xmas present from my wife anyway :slight_smile:

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