How do you personally setup your lessons?

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Was curious as to how people modified their lesson structure at all and how they think it impacted future lessons, positively or negatively. For example, always putting radicals and kanji first before any vocabulary, or doing 8 items at a time instead of 5.

I have thought about changing it up, but am afraid that all the vocab will pile up like all those Amazon boxes in the corner you never get rid of and then I end up never doing them, or waiting until way down the line which might hurt learning to actually type it out.

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I kept it at 5 items per batch, but I did use the reorder script to do all of the new radical and kanji lessons first before vocab, but I always made sure to finish all the vocab lessons before the next level up! This is important because it’s easy to abuse the reorder script and start accumulating a massive backlog of vocab items, which can become overwhelming and potentially lead to burn out :upside_down_face:

Doing it that way allowed me to go at a faster/more efficient pace, which is what worked well for me – this can differ per person so it’s important to find your own comfortable pace ^^


Oooh, so you essentially change the reordering twice per level? Once to get the radicals and kanji, then when those lessons are done, change it to focus on vocab?

I try to keep it random if possible . If I have big pile of reviews and life is crazy busy, I’ve put higher levels first as they need the most practice (only do this if necessary). This leaves lower level master/enlight/burn on the wait list. I’ll review them once I have the time again. I think it’s just better to prioritize you weakness if time is a limiting factor. This may change as the levels go on.

Edit: Sorry misunderstood the question. I just keep it at default for lessons. :upside_down_face:

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:upside_down_face: I think what you said still helps me, for when I get to the higher levels

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That really only requires one change, by putting priority on item type with the reorder script, it’ll show you for example only radical items, then kanji items, and then vocab items, once the radicals and kanji are done there are only vocab items left anyway, so one setting with the script can do that for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting, thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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Usually I try to get the vocab done before the next level hits, but sometimes (like now, because of travel) I can’t.

  1. Rush to do the radicals lessons, since these are the main bottleneck.
  2. Do 20 lessons per day. This gets all available kanji out of the way in 2 days.
    2.1 IF 90% of the level’s kanji are available from the getgo, I rush to do all of them. When this is the case it’s common for the level to only have 3 or less radicals.
  3. Finish off the vocab before the next level hits.

Doing this usually gets me a handful of days with 20 daily lessons, and a couple with 30-40 new lessons.Sometimes I also rush them all to have a 0 lessons and reviews, but this seems kind of pointless.

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Wow, talk about a fast pace :open_mouth: It does seem to make sense to me to try and get the radicals out of the way since, as you said, it’s the bottleneck. Might try that for a bit and see how it goes for me :slight_smile:

My setup is the exact same, yea we know what we’re doing :sunglasses:

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\ :grin: /


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Seems I can’t install it without changing a bunch of settings on my work laptop, I’ll have to set up the ordering on my home computer :slightly_frowning_face:

Which actually reminds me of another question if you don’t mind answering: What time of day do you do your lessons? :thinking:

Hmm it’s been a while since I’ve had lessons, but that really depended on the time of day that I leveled up too – it was usually in the mornings and evenings for me, that’s what typically worked best with my schedule ^^ if I had time during the day though, I’d sneak in some lessons here and there too, so I’d say it really comes down to what works best with your schedule and lifestyle :slightly_smiling_face:

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Personally I always try to do my lessons as early as possible. If done right you’ll do reviews for the items of those lessons you did at least twice that day, maybe more for items you get wrong. This allows you to level up faster and reduces the load on your morning reviews the next day, also it gets me in a bit of a schedule to remain consistent. If I do my lessons past noon though it’s very unlikely I’ll stay awake long enough to make it to the 2nd batch, but I wouldn’t stress it too much either way. Once I level up though I almost always start my radical/kanji lessons right away.

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Very true. I’ve been trying to do reviews while commuting on the subway, some days my brain doesn’t want to remember that on’yomi for that one kanji that I had totally nailed before :upside_down_face: but on the other hand, as you said, you can do more efficient reviews

When I’m actually doing new lessons, I do 12 a day (3 batches of 4). Specifically, I do 3 kanji and 9 vocab a day (when available). To do this without refreshing a million times, I use this script.

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:open_mouth: that’s a neat way to do it.Do those kanji somehow matchup to the vocab, or is that not plausible?

No. It can still only give you items you’ve unlocked that are in your lesson queue. It gives you the items in the order you would have gotten them (assuming you’re using ordered lessons in the WaniKani settings), just of the specified amount per type.

right, that makes sense :upside_down_face: thanks for the tip

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i’m doing all radicals as soon as i get them. the next session, i’d clean up all the vocab. kanji come last, since i won’t get the second part of the level before the radicals are guru’d anyway.

second batch, i do all new (and remaining batch 1, if there are any left) kanji first, then the vocab.

1st half: so it’s radicals - vocab - kanji
2nd half: kanji - vocab

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